Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today was Ethan's 100th day of school. There are two Ethans in Ethan's class. Right when I walked into his classroom, I was greeted by their latest art project. Each child made a torn cave or igloo with a torn door and inside the torn door was a brown cotton ball which represented bears hibernating. I picked Ethan's out right away, looked at the name and saw "Ethan". Not knowing which Ethan the art belonged to I asked my Ethan, "is this one yours?" "Yep, mommy, it is!" How did I know which one was his you ask? Well, the "torn" cave was very carefully torn into a rectangle that had perfect symmetry. The hole for the door was not torn like the others, but cut. Later when we were hooking together the 10 groups of 10 unifix (connecting, plastic) cubes, and he got mad at me for mixing and matching the colors. "Mommy, the white stays on the white tower, the black on the black tower, the brown on the brown. Don't mix them." No wonder his teacher thinks he's a little OCD. I did not force him into being potty trained either, so he's not anal. He was like this before being potty trained, so there Freud! When he got in the car after is party, he announced, "I am so excited to start First grade tomorrow!" He thought, 'I went 100 days, now I'm done!' Now it makes sense that he thought his library books weren't due back until the last day of school. Poor Ethan. I had to burst his bubble and tell him he has 63 more days of Kindergarten. We went and bought a new backpack (to celebrate his new grade- Haa) because his has holes in it and I can't fix it with my sewing machine because it doesn't work. Stacy keeps saying she'll come over to "fix your damn sewing machine", but I'm beginning to wonder if that is code for "I'm coming over for a beer." Anyway, I had a great day with my baby. I think he enjoyed it too because he kept saying, "thanks for inviting me." Even though he meant it the other way around.
While I was off enjoying my child, my student teacher (who is now a REAL teacher) was enjoying my students because she subbed for me. They were good for her- of course, they love her!
Thoughts that I think: When the groundhog (or gopher as Noah and Ethan call him) sees his shadowon Feb. 2 (groundhog's day), it's six more weeks of winter, which isn't suppose to be a good deal. But I think for us living in the northern tundra, ONLY six weeks is a great deal. So that means only three more weeks of winter!! Yea!!!!