Sunday, March 3, 2013


I am: desperately in love with all baby things. Baby cats, dogs, humans... Not reptiles though- baby reptiles are gross...
I think: I wish away my life too much. "I wish it was Friday. I wish it were June 1st. I wish I were drinking a beer." 
I know: I was meant to be a mom.
I want: It to be June 1st!! And a full to the brim bank account.
I have: a nail biting problem.
I dislike: Most shows on the Disney channel and Nickelodeon. And baseball. I would rather watch paint dry. It is a mind numbing sport that lasts WAYYYY too long.
I miss: My mom. Every day, very much.
I fear: Losing everything. Not like my keys, my pop, my glasses, my mind.. But things that matter. 
I feel: The pins in my elbow and they hurt. 
I hear: Noah chewing, Abby snoring, Sam barking, and CSI NY
I smell: nothing because the sounds are drowning out all my other senses, and I have a stuffy nose.
I crave: The feeling of belonging and to be understood. 
I search: for my sanity. Where the hell did it go? 
I wonder: Why are my children growing up in fast forward, but no one else's children are?
I regret: Not having another child.
I love: Sleep.
I care: More than I may show it a lot of times.
I am always: Thinking about my children.
I worry: all.the.time. It's a gift, I could teach a class on it. I would call it "Why Worry? BECAUSE YOU SHOULD! Anything. I mean ANYTHING can and will go wrong. That's Why!!"
I remember: Thinking  30 was old.
I sing: To my students. I used to do it a lot more until one student told me I was really out of tune and should sit in on music class.
I argue: Not well, I think of what I should have said after the fact, but then it's too late.
I write: In a combination of cursive and print, just like a third grade teacher should... 
I lose: everything because I'm not organized enough
I wish: I had a closer knit extended family. All I have is my brother and sister and they live 2,000 miles away. 
I listen: to a song and am instantly transported back in time. Normally I correctly guess the year too, because that is my hidden talent. I can even tell you what I was doing in the said year while listening to it..
I don't understand: How electricity works. I teach it, but I literally read verbatim from the book, and pray every year the kids don't ask any questions. If they do I tell them to look it up and tell me in the morning.  
I can usually be found: At home, at school or at a basketball game. That is really the only places I go.
I am scared: of snakes, being seriously sick, being vulnerable and having to depend on someone else, my children being hurt sick or not safe, AND my students plotting my death...  
I need: more shoes, a new wardrobe, a maid, and a chef. And my own bathroom that can only be used by me.  
I forget: to do things like return phone calls, make appointments, mail things, where I left my sanity.... 
I am happy: Most of the time, because I have good bitch-be-gone pills!!