Saturday, November 24, 2012

Post Thanksgiving

I was going to post these pictures on FaceBook, but there was an article in the Fourm where ladies said, pictures with "shaming" signs on their pets is humiliating to the pet. Really? They constantly lick their butts in front of me, they even lick each other's butts. I'm pretty sure they don't understand humiliation. Plus, they all wagged their tails when I took the pictures, well except Sam, I had to wait for him to go to sleep because he didn't like the feel of the tape on his fur- or maybe he was humiliated? Either way, I don't need those animal rights activists after me.
What does a teacher do with 5 days off from school and obviously too much time on her hands? Take pictures of the dogs and speak for them of course. You may notice Abby is wet. Why? Well because she ran away and got all muddy. Why would Max be wet, you may be asking. Well. Maxie likes to jump into the tub. You should have seen his look of surprise when he found out it was full of water and puppy shampoo.   This November marked Max's fifth birthday and the fourth anniversary of getting Sammy. That means in the last three out of 12 years I have not been potty training something or someone. I think that means I should get a baby kitten. The mean grown up man who lives at my house said, "hell no" to Ethan's and my request for a new puppy, but you never know. Maybe under the tree this year I'll find a baby kitten to potty train. Or a cleaning lady. I hope the cleaning lady is already potty trained, as long as she doesn't pee on my floor and cleans it up if she does, who am I to judge?
As I said, I had FIVE days off. During those five days, I've accomplished very little. I did go see my "happy doctor" to renew my bitch-be-gone pills. She wanted me to get stronger ones, but I opted for the fish-oil placebo pills and trying to find a hobby instead. She had me chart out my day on a spread sheet. Black was for school, doing school work at home, and thinking about work- also known as "being scared the naughty children will eat me alive". There was A LOT of black. Orange was for sports related times; being at a sporting event, listening to sport talk, and having to watch sports on TV. I don't like sports, so we changed that color to brown, being it's dull for me. Red is for cooking and cleaning. Both things I don't really enjoy. If I could clean and it would stay that way, I'd like it more- same with the cooking. I'd like to cook once a week and call it good. But BOYS - ALL of them- don't clean up after themselves and they keep insisting on eating, especially now that Michelle Obama is starving them at school. I was supposed to have pink, my favorite color, be my "me/fun time". I had no pink. Happy doctor, who usually just blinks at me and says nothing, told me I "had to find a hobby", and apparently drinking is not one she medically approves of. I threw out a few more examples, reading-but it makes me more tired than I am and pink time turns into blue/sleep time. Scrap booking- but that make me more anxious, calling for more medication/fish oil/beer because I am overwhelmed by how far behind I am (5 plus years). Painting the walls in my house, which ARE more fun than scraping wall paper, but it's a big job and I need to undertake this hobby thing with baby steps. Jewelry making is the one that won out. I found jewelry making is a very expensive hobby (much more than Coors Light) and I may need a part-time job to support my "hobby", which I don't have time for right now the way it is. I did buy some beads and supplies, and I don't want to let the cat out of the bag, but all the moms of the player's on Noah's Cougar team is going to get an EXCITING black and orange gift for Christmas.