Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sammy's Turn

Mama told me it's my turn to write the Christmas letter this year. She didn't do a Christmas card because she "couldn't find good pictures of the human boys". She has pictures of Abby- AKA the PRINCESS watching TV, but none of her children? Notice in the picture there is a handsome, friendly dog laying on the floor. Does that one get any attention? NOOOO only the "genius" who watches puppies on TV...
To be honest, we, the dogs ARE around a lot more than those human kids are. Well, here's a re-cap of my year. Max and I get our hair cut at least every four months or so. Maxie HATES going there. He runs in and hides under the counter. I run in happy because I know they've been missing me. We look and smell great when we are done. Abby doesn't get to go. Probably because she runs away too much. Abby had to get half of her teeth pulled. She had to stay overnight at the place of fear and shots. I bet she had her teeth taken out because she barks so much. Mama tells me I bark too much, I guess I better stop or I'll lose my teeth too. I like to make my humans happy by going outside and coming right back in every few minutes. They just love opening that door for me. Sometimes I get tired of that game, but it makes them so happy so I do it all day long. I try to do it at night, but they are "sleeping". Mama and the boys were home when it was hot outside. I like that. When it gets colder they leave and I don't like that. I sit at the top of the steps and silently cry all day. Mama thinks I need my own pet to keep me company. She keeps talking about a "kitten". I saw one of those at the place of fear once and it scared me. I tried to run away from it. We got a new fence for the backyard. I don't like it as much as the old one because I can't see a thing on the other side anymore. It doesn't stop me from barking to scare away any imaginary intruders though. One day the shorter human boy left gate open and Abby, Max and I ran away! We ran and ran. Then Max and I got scared and came back. Maxie hid in the garage and I went right back through the gate, ran up the steps and went to the deck door. That is usually where I find mama. See, I'm the smart dog.  Abby kept running. That's cuz she's a little bitch. The humans found her. I bet she'll lose more teeth for that one. All of the boys at my house talk about basketball or football all of the time. They watch it on TV too, but only if "Princess" is done watching her puppy shows. Mama talks about "school", whatever that is. Mama was also sad last summer because she lost another uncle and her aunt Harriett. I should help her find them. They are probably in the back yard where I lose all of my toys. Another game everyone loves is "throwing the ball". Those humans can throw that ball all day long. I make them happy by running to get it for them to throw again. Abby and Max don't. Abby runs to it, stares at it and can't pick it up because she doesn't have teeth. Max just watches the humans throw the ball. He doesn't even try to make them happy. That's what makes me the better dog. Well, I'm getting tired of typing and it's been awhile since I let the humans play "open the door". AT least I play with them. I better get back to it, or "Princess" will become top dog. Happy New Year.