Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sara's Favorite Things

In the last week I heard about Opera's Favorite Things three times. Once on the radio, once at work, and I read about it in my magazine (not the Opera one). It made me wonder why isn't there a list of Sara's favorite things? Would it make people want to be a "joiner" and agree with my favorite things like Opera's favorite things? Here is my list
1. I love summer. The hotter the better.
2. Pools and lakes, especially if a cold beverage is involved.
3. Long car rides in the fall and summer.
4. Being a mom. It is my favorite-est thing.
5. Math- doing it and teaching it.
6. Reading- doing it.
7. Watching tv with my family in the evenings.
9. Facebook
10. My kindle, and I-Pod touch
11. Sleep and naps
12. My puppies
13. BABIES!!
14. My old school, Roosevelt
15. Toyota Highlander
16. Scrapbooking
17. Dt. Mt. Dew
18. Shrimp wrapped in bacon and cheese.
19. A photo of Ethan missing his two top teeth smiling so hard he is squinting and hugging Sam
20. A photo of Noah in Kindergarten holding one 5 pound bag of potatoes in one hand, and another in the other hand saying the 5 pound bag on the left is heavier.
21. Baby pictures of my babies.
22. My house and yard
23. Minnesota
24. Cowbell
25. When my students have art at school.
26. Friends
27. Movies
28. Popcorn
29. A drink after work
30. PINK
31. Flowers
32. Chicken salad with grapes and cashews
33. Last day and First day of school
34. Target
35. Structure and organization
36. Ice cream
37. Fresh cut grass
38. Christmas
39. My siblings
40. Lavender- the smell and color
41. When kids behave at school
42. When kids are engaged in learning at school
43. Julie's toddler, Lilly
44. Memories of my mom.
45. Vacations and trips
46. Wii
47. Basketball
48. Sandals
49. Entertainment Weekly
50. A cozy bed

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Think I Might Be Old...

I've noticed lately maybe I am getting old. I work with a lot of young twenty-somethings. I clearly remember being the "young one" on the staff, but now I've graduated to "one of the old bags", but not quite to the "Good Grief how long are you going to teach? Retire already" group. It's not like I turned old overnight, but it seems like I noticed it in the span of one week... 1. I've watched (and sadly participated in the first) zumba fashion mistake twice. In the early 90's it was "zumba" now they're three times the price and called "granny pants". I'm wondering if the name came from young people seeing us wearing them in the 90's and thinking "they're old enough to be my granny." 2. I do not feel comfortable wearing "outside" boots as my real shoes. Too many bad memories of having to wear my "moon boots" in elementary school because I forgot to pack my shoes in my "book bag". 3. Kids look at me, point and laugh when I tell them to get their "book bags" at the end of the day. 4. I don't understand the comeback of leggings. They were only flattering on 2% of the population in the 90's, why would they be flattering now? 5. Ditto to "skinny" jeans. 6. My theory on jeans is bell bottoms- even thought they sometimes catch my shoes and make me trip on the steps- make your ankles look wider, thus making your hips look as narrow as ankles. 7. I used to talk on a rotary dial, corded phone to my high school boyfriend. If I wanted privacy I'd shut myself in and closed the door to the sewing room. 8. I used to try hard to not dress like a mom. But now I realize it's not my clothes, it's these darn kids that make me look like a mom. 9. I can't remember the last time I wasn't at least a little bit tired. 10. I can't go out with my co-workers because they want to go out at 9:00 and I have my jammies on at 9:30. 11. I used to have to get up and change the channel on the black and white TV for my parents- and we had only three channels. 12. I remember being one of the first families in town to have a new fan dangled "micro-wave" oven! 13. We used to start the microwave and fight over who gets to put their face right up to the door to watch the food "magically" cook. 14. I watched the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when it first came out. 15. I remember renting a VCR to watch one of the five movies Barnesville had to rent at the gas station. 16. I was at a slumber party and thought we were super cool because we had three of the five movies to be rented- all played on an OWNED VCR. 17. I remember not knowing who was calling until I answered the phone. 18. In college I called a friend who had caller ID and she answered the phone "Hi Sara" and I was convinced she was psychic. It took me two months to figure out she wasn't. 19. I owned one of the first cell phones. It was the size and weight of a brick and was carried around in what now looks like a lunch bag. It only could call three pre-scribed numbers. Mine was my parents, Triple A, and 911. 20. I remember when 911 was in the "trial" phase and only offered in big communities.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's 4:70 Somewhere...

I have a student I absolutely adore. "Bobby" reminds me so much of my Ethan. He is easy going and quick witted. If someone says or does something dumb, they both give that person the same look, as if to say "who ARE you?" Bobby also reminds me of Ethan because they both can take or leave almost everything, but when they find something they are looking forward to or love, they get so enthused. Today was Bobby's show and hell day. Usually the kids just tell us what's going on in their corner of the universe. As he sat in the coveted chair, Bobby told us about a trip his family has planned. "After school gets out for the summer we are flying to West Virgina to see my grandpa! I've never, ever been on a plane and I can't wait!! My mom says we will get out own can of pop for free! And I'll probably get to see a MOVIE. On. The. Plane!! We are first flying to Chicago and having a hangover (yep, he said hangover), and I hope it's not too long. Then we will get on another plane and fly all the way to West Virginia! I get to see my grandpa who lived in New Zealand, but moved to West Virginia in February. I met him when I was a baby, but I don't remember him. We talk on the computer and on the phone sometimes." Next, the children get to ask three question, which I have to preface every day "QUESTIONS. Not stories. Something he can answer." Student 1- "How are you getting to West Virginia?" Bobby- (giving the look) "We're flying." Student 2- "Are you um. Flying on a plane?" I really wanted to say, "Nope. He's flapping his arms really, really fast." But I held my tongue, however felt the need to intervene. "Has your grandpa always lived in New Zealand?" Bobby- "No. He moved there right after I was born. He taught college there." Student 3- "Did your grandpa drive to West Virgina when he moved back from New Zealand?" Naw, flapped his arms. It runs in the family. The next statement was "It's 10:75. Isn't it time for recess?"

Friday, April 8, 2011

My Little Friend

Remember a few months ago when I thought for a week I should go back to teaching Kindergarten? Then I saw a little boy, "Jimmy", walking down the hall, spinning and karate kicking the air and he almost kicked a girl in the head. I told him, "Oh no. You almost kicked her. That's not very safe." He ran after her and apologized. That really made me want to teach Kindergarten again because a third grader would probably say, "But I didn't kick her..." Well, I had door duty in the Kindergarten pod this week. I realized three things: 1) even though they are very little, they make A LOT of noise. 2) As soon as you tell them to stop doing something, they listen (for a little while until they forget). 3) They are so cute and think nothing of running up and hugging you. These kids have no clue who I am, yet they were like, 'I saw her yesterday. That means she's not a stranger so I must hug her.' During door duty I became reacquainted with Jimmy. On Monday he ran up to me and asked, "Are you Ms. Smith?" Ms. Smith is a Title teacher who lets kids borrow educational board games over night. "No, I'm Mrs. Fairfield. If I see her I'll tell her you're looking for her." On Tuesday he ran up and held my hand, "Are you Ms. Smith?" I thought 'ohh, honey, you can call me Ms. Smith'. Then I thought, I feel like a hooker, "You can call me whatever you want for enough money..." Needless to say, Jimmy hugged me everyday this week and usually held my hand whenever he talked to me. I hope he's in my class in three more years!