Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Think I Might Be Old...

I've noticed lately maybe I am getting old. I work with a lot of young twenty-somethings. I clearly remember being the "young one" on the staff, but now I've graduated to "one of the old bags", but not quite to the "Good Grief how long are you going to teach? Retire already" group. It's not like I turned old overnight, but it seems like I noticed it in the span of one week... 1. I've watched (and sadly participated in the first) zumba fashion mistake twice. In the early 90's it was "zumba" now they're three times the price and called "granny pants". I'm wondering if the name came from young people seeing us wearing them in the 90's and thinking "they're old enough to be my granny." 2. I do not feel comfortable wearing "outside" boots as my real shoes. Too many bad memories of having to wear my "moon boots" in elementary school because I forgot to pack my shoes in my "book bag". 3. Kids look at me, point and laugh when I tell them to get their "book bags" at the end of the day. 4. I don't understand the comeback of leggings. They were only flattering on 2% of the population in the 90's, why would they be flattering now? 5. Ditto to "skinny" jeans. 6. My theory on jeans is bell bottoms- even thought they sometimes catch my shoes and make me trip on the steps- make your ankles look wider, thus making your hips look as narrow as ankles. 7. I used to talk on a rotary dial, corded phone to my high school boyfriend. If I wanted privacy I'd shut myself in and closed the door to the sewing room. 8. I used to try hard to not dress like a mom. But now I realize it's not my clothes, it's these darn kids that make me look like a mom. 9. I can't remember the last time I wasn't at least a little bit tired. 10. I can't go out with my co-workers because they want to go out at 9:00 and I have my jammies on at 9:30. 11. I used to have to get up and change the channel on the black and white TV for my parents- and we had only three channels. 12. I remember being one of the first families in town to have a new fan dangled "micro-wave" oven! 13. We used to start the microwave and fight over who gets to put their face right up to the door to watch the food "magically" cook. 14. I watched the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when it first came out. 15. I remember renting a VCR to watch one of the five movies Barnesville had to rent at the gas station. 16. I was at a slumber party and thought we were super cool because we had three of the five movies to be rented- all played on an OWNED VCR. 17. I remember not knowing who was calling until I answered the phone. 18. In college I called a friend who had caller ID and she answered the phone "Hi Sara" and I was convinced she was psychic. It took me two months to figure out she wasn't. 19. I owned one of the first cell phones. It was the size and weight of a brick and was carried around in what now looks like a lunch bag. It only could call three pre-scribed numbers. Mine was my parents, Triple A, and 911. 20. I remember when 911 was in the "trial" phase and only offered in big communities.

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