Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sara's Favorite Things

In the last week I heard about Opera's Favorite Things three times. Once on the radio, once at work, and I read about it in my magazine (not the Opera one). It made me wonder why isn't there a list of Sara's favorite things? Would it make people want to be a "joiner" and agree with my favorite things like Opera's favorite things? Here is my list
1. I love summer. The hotter the better.
2. Pools and lakes, especially if a cold beverage is involved.
3. Long car rides in the fall and summer.
4. Being a mom. It is my favorite-est thing.
5. Math- doing it and teaching it.
6. Reading- doing it.
7. Watching tv with my family in the evenings.
9. Facebook
10. My kindle, and I-Pod touch
11. Sleep and naps
12. My puppies
13. BABIES!!
14. My old school, Roosevelt
15. Toyota Highlander
16. Scrapbooking
17. Dt. Mt. Dew
18. Shrimp wrapped in bacon and cheese.
19. A photo of Ethan missing his two top teeth smiling so hard he is squinting and hugging Sam
20. A photo of Noah in Kindergarten holding one 5 pound bag of potatoes in one hand, and another in the other hand saying the 5 pound bag on the left is heavier.
21. Baby pictures of my babies.
22. My house and yard
23. Minnesota
24. Cowbell
25. When my students have art at school.
26. Friends
27. Movies
28. Popcorn
29. A drink after work
30. PINK
31. Flowers
32. Chicken salad with grapes and cashews
33. Last day and First day of school
34. Target
35. Structure and organization
36. Ice cream
37. Fresh cut grass
38. Christmas
39. My siblings
40. Lavender- the smell and color
41. When kids behave at school
42. When kids are engaged in learning at school
43. Julie's toddler, Lilly
44. Memories of my mom.
45. Vacations and trips
46. Wii
47. Basketball
48. Sandals
49. Entertainment Weekly
50. A cozy bed


Julie said...

Thanks for including Lilly on your favorites list. You did say ice cream so now I think I may have to go eat some!

Debbie said...

Your siblings are #39?

By the way, it's Oprah.

Love you,


ssne said...

"People correcting my faults" are on OpERA's and my list of LEAST FAVORITE THINGS.