Monday, January 25, 2010


Today, at 6:00am I got a mass phone call to all Fargo School Employees telling us school is canceled for the day! I love snow days. I immediately turned on the TV to watch the scroll and look for Fargo school being canceled, just in case the district office just called me and were waiting with candid cameras to see if I'd fall for their trickery. There it was "All Fargo/Moorhead schools closed today"! YAY!! I even watched it again, so I could get that little anticipation like you did as a kid looking for your school on the list of NO SCHOOL... I know we have to make it up in March, but a snow day is like an unexpected present. A big beautiful unexpected present that gets taken away and we have to return on March 10th.
I slept in until 9:30. I took a nap, read my new novel, and watched TV. I didn't have to clean or do laundry because it was already done. See, that's why a snow day is better than having our "built in snow day" in March off, because it's a free pass to do nothing! If I had March 10th off. I would leave a little laundry or cleaning for that day. Today the possibilities were endless, well except for leaving the house because it's storming. The possibilities while locked up in my house were all mine. I needed to sleep in. I had to get up at 6:30 on both days this weekend because Noah had a basketball tournament starting at 8:00 on Saturday (who starts basketball tournaments at 8am? Sleep haters that's who!) and we became members at church on Sunday.
My kids are so sweet. I usually wake the kids up at 7:15, and they get ready so we can get out the door by 7:40. At 8:15 Noah and Ethan came in and stared at me until I looked at them, and Noah said, "mom. It's 8:15. I think you're late for school." They were all dressed and ready to walk out the door. How sweet is that? If I wasn't so tired I would have played along and pretend we were late. Maybe I'll do that next time.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ghost Stories

I was one of those kids who LOVED ghost stories. I wasn't good at telling them, but I loved hearing them. However, I grew up to be sort-of a chicken when watching scary movies. I hate horror movies- too much blood, gore, they're not realistic, etc... I prefer the more realistic ghost movies. Last Sunday I watched two ghost movies back to back. One was about a family that moved into a house that was built on an old frontier cemetery, and the second was a family that moved from Chicago to... wait for it... FARGO!! Why Fargo? Well, to farm of course. Fargo wasn't the Fargo I know. In the movie the people supposedly lived "in Fargo", but tey really lived in the middle of no where with fields and dirt roads as far as you can see. Anyway, the house was haunted by little kid ghosts. I think the scariest ghost movies are the ones with little kid ghosts because the ghosts are so creepy. Take the Ring for example. That little girl coming out of your TV to "get you" is so scary. I wanted to turn the TV around so when she tried to climb out, she'd hit her head, get disoriented and go back to where she came from. How about that little boy ghost in Japan who haunts that one apartment? He is so creepy. On Sixth Sense the kid who "sees dead people" sees a little girl ghost hiding under her bed and it is the scariest thing on that movie! In the movie with the family living in Fargo, the little kid ghosts lived in the basement. Growing up I lived in the middle of no where, and I was always scared of the basement. I refused to be down there alone the entire time I lived there. Even now as an adult, if I have to go down there alone, I run really fast back up the steps. I know it's not built on a cemetery, and there were no previous owners who have failed to "leave", so I don't know why it's so creepy. Perhaps it's because it's not very far from the "Fargo" house where the creepy little kids haunt the basement.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Vacation is Over

Today is the last day of vacation for the kids and me. I'm OK with that. I am ready to go back to school. I got a lot of things done that I planned; cleaned, cleaned out my closet and put away new clothes, cleaned out the kids' drawers and put away their new clothes-even though Noah will just rotate between three pairs of running pants and four shirts, read my book, blogged, and of course spent quality time with my kids, as well as put away the Christmas stuff. I love having the Christmas stuff up, but I have to admit just like the Grinch's heart, my living rooms grew three sizes when I put it all away. I also let Sam outside and back in about 500 times each day. I think Sammy knows we are going back to work/school tomorrow because he's been really anxious all day. Things I did not get done but planned to include; my New Year's resolution to stop biting my nails. It lasted ten hours, nine of which I was asleep. Also going back to my "non-holiday" diet. In the past twelve days I have eaten so much junk. I've eaten more crap than good food by far, case in point, I have a deep, relentless craving for Cheetos as I type. I also haven't gone out shopping to get the "good after Christmas" deals. I could say it's too cold, or I could say, "why go out when my bed and nap are here?" Seriously. I'm a little worried that I could make a good hermit. It's not like I don't want to go out in public, it's more that I really like my pajamas. I should go grocery shopping and to school to plan what to teach tomorrow, but groceries can wait until Tuesday and I can get up early tomorrow...
Every year I have at least one resolution. The ones I remember are; stop biting my nails, lose weight, exercise more, drink less beer- more water, stop ordering groceries online, finish laundry in one day, vacuum everyday, and generally be less sarcastic. Ha- we all know that last one will NEVER work! However, by January 15th I have always fallen of the resolution wagon. Therefore, I made none this year. I plan on biting my nails, moving only if I absolutely have too, drink beer, try to find other errands that are a pain in the ass to do online- I wonder if you can order online from a liquor store and they'll deliver? I know laundry is a never ending job, and maybe vacuuming three times a week is A-OK. See now that I've lowered my resolution expectations I may surprise myself and stick to it. It's all reverse psychology on myself. Hopefully it'll work.