Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ghost Stories

I was one of those kids who LOVED ghost stories. I wasn't good at telling them, but I loved hearing them. However, I grew up to be sort-of a chicken when watching scary movies. I hate horror movies- too much blood, gore, they're not realistic, etc... I prefer the more realistic ghost movies. Last Sunday I watched two ghost movies back to back. One was about a family that moved into a house that was built on an old frontier cemetery, and the second was a family that moved from Chicago to... wait for it... FARGO!! Why Fargo? Well, to farm of course. Fargo wasn't the Fargo I know. In the movie the people supposedly lived "in Fargo", but tey really lived in the middle of no where with fields and dirt roads as far as you can see. Anyway, the house was haunted by little kid ghosts. I think the scariest ghost movies are the ones with little kid ghosts because the ghosts are so creepy. Take the Ring for example. That little girl coming out of your TV to "get you" is so scary. I wanted to turn the TV around so when she tried to climb out, she'd hit her head, get disoriented and go back to where she came from. How about that little boy ghost in Japan who haunts that one apartment? He is so creepy. On Sixth Sense the kid who "sees dead people" sees a little girl ghost hiding under her bed and it is the scariest thing on that movie! In the movie with the family living in Fargo, the little kid ghosts lived in the basement. Growing up I lived in the middle of no where, and I was always scared of the basement. I refused to be down there alone the entire time I lived there. Even now as an adult, if I have to go down there alone, I run really fast back up the steps. I know it's not built on a cemetery, and there were no previous owners who have failed to "leave", so I don't know why it's so creepy. Perhaps it's because it's not very far from the "Fargo" house where the creepy little kids haunt the basement.

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saraphina said...

love it...that was so awesome...I enjoy ghost stories so much...I have always wanted to start a haunted bed and breakfast...anyhow just to say I don't even know how I chanced on your blog but really was awesome...i love how you wrote it