Monday, February 21, 2011

www. Dr.

Today I went on a medical website, where you should get all of your information and advice on anything health related. The web page asked; 1. Are you overweight? I'm thinking, 'What's overweight? I DO have shoes on and 5 dollars worth of pennies in my pocket..." 2. How do you sleep? I sleep great!! I'd sleep all day if I could. This whole "life" thing gets in my way. I sleep 9 hours a night, which is about an hour-and-a-half to two hours too short. 3. How are you eating? I am eating great! I want to eat all of the time! I'll eat anything someone else wants to cook for me. 4. Are you getting enough fluids? YES! Beer is mostly made of water, right?...

Thoughts that I think: I'm planning on writing "words of wisdom" on my white board every morning. My first one will be, "I am absolutely a super hero. The only reason I'm not wearing my cape is because I am behind on my laundry".

Friday, February 18, 2011

5 Good Things

1. It's Friday. That means tomorrow I can sleep in.
2. One day of conferences are over.
3. Door duty is done until April.
4. Noah doesn't have a basketball tournament this weekend!
5. It's gotta be 5:00 somewhere...

A very sweet, smart, well behaved 8-year-old gave me this advice today; "You should get a dog clicker to click at us when we do something good."

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Adventure to Jamestown

I was looking at posts I made a year ago and I was a lot wittier. Is wittier even a word? This question is coming from a mom who lets her eight-year-old say "althletical" because I think it's funny. Today Noah's team, the Cougars, had a tournament in Jamestown. A few weeks ago I was watching Criminal Minds and the criminals were ruthless (compared to the nice serial murderers) and they were from Jamestown, ND!! Who knew? Not me- until I spent the day there. Seriously, Jamestown is a dive. It's a scary, scary place. While I was there I was thinking, "the jails could save a lot of money if they just sent some prisoners to live here. Wait a minute, maybe they do?" Noah's team smoked the first two, 35 to 12 and the second 44 to 14. The third game was lost during the last five seconds when Valley City made a basket. However, the people running the scoreboard gave Valley City two 3 pointers when the kid wasn't outside the 3 point line, so I think Noah's team should have still won. It's a conspiracy I tell you. All of those backward towns against "big bad Moorhead". While we were there we went to the "Polar Diner" which was at one time a KFC, and the building still looked like a KFC and had the same menu minus the delicious 11 herbs and spices. It did, however have a sign on the door that read, "Sorry, no outside food allowed"- DUH! It's a restaurant!! Do people really need to be told that? Well apparently so because you know there's a reason the owners had to put it up. Anyway, the girl behind the counter was probably a Junior or Senior in High school and she was very pretty. She seemed nice, smart and normal. A senior age (I say that because he may be a drop out) boy came in with less teeth than Ethan, and that's kind-of saying a lot since Ethan is eight and in the middle of losing his baby teeth. He smelled like old socks and smoke and wore a "wife beater" with a sleeveless black button up shirt (unbuttoned) that read "official Playboy talent scout". He was so smarmy. It was gross. However, the girl- whom I once thought was smart and pretty- shamelessly flirted with him. I was torn between kidnapping her to get her out of a town where that's her best option, and punching her in the head hoping it'll knock some sense into her. So there you go, that's my adventure to Jamestown.
Earlier this week I came home and found a Valentine card Ethan made me:
"Happy Valentimes Day Mom" (open the card) "Your love for me is a strong as the stink on my feet". I know, isn't he a romantic? He will make some lucky girl very happy some day...