Saturday, October 23, 2010


This week I had the boys' conferences. Both kids are doing well. Noah is smart and well behaved. I'm not that impressed with his fifth grade teacher. He seems distracted and a bit of a slacker. I think he'd be a good "on-line" professor where he doesn't have to talk to the students, or teach, but instead write the assignment and play on the computer. Ethan is smart, well behaved and a loner. I was surprised, although a part of me wasn't, to hear from Ethan's teacher than he is a bit of a loner. When he can chose to work in a group, he never does- he works alone. He often draws or writes during "free time" rather than socializing. I'm not sure why this surprises me. To Noah, friends are everything. When I was in second grade I would have defiantly leaned over to the social/I wanna work in a group side. However, in college, I was the "work by myself" because I knew even if you work in a group, one person (me) would end up doing all of the work while the rest slacked off. I actually remember one time when I was paired up with two elementary ed. guys in a group. I really drew the short straw that day. Don't get me wrong- there ARE some wonderful men elementary teachers, but the majority that "start" in Elementary ed. do it because it's 95% girls. One of the guys, "Joe" was like that. The other one, "Ben" was like me, a double major- math/El.Ed. Ben and I had a deal. He'd help me decipher my notes in trigonometry and I'd do the work. We would do this as a joint effort- he'd create a "trigonometry for dummy's diagram" while I did the project at the same time in the library. Joe didn't show up or do any of the project so when I handed it in, I only put mine and Ben's name on it. When Joe found out he totally freaked out! I remember him yelling at me so close that he was spitting on me and I was sure he was going to punch me. To make my long story longer- I learned not to work in groups if given the chance. Maybe Ethan has already learned that lesson. Ethan's been so funny lately. The other day I came home and the boys were playing basketball. I was watching them and I saw a bright pink marker on the roof. I asked, "Ethan, Why is there a pink marker on the roof?" "I had to get my back pack down SOMEHOW!"
The next day we were in the house and he asked if he could go outside. I told him to put on a sweatshirt first. He skipped down to his room. An hour later he was still in his room playing. I asked him, "I thought you were going outside?" "Oh, ya. I forgot." Last week was a short week for the kids. I told him he should ask a boy in his class if he wanted to come over during the days off. On Monday Ethan forgot, Tuesday he forgot again. I told him he had to ask on Wednesday or he can't come over because we don't know his phone number. In Wednesday I asked Ethan if he asked the little boy if he wanted to come over, "I couldn't find him! He usually wears green, but he wore gray today." I said, "Really? He's in your class right?" "Yep". I guess gray is the new camouflage.
I don't want to jinx it- but my head-aches have mostly gone away. It turns out all I needed to do was keep a log of them. Huh. Now my new problem is involuntary twitching of my good thumb. I'll be holding a book or something and unless my thumb is totally straight or bent, it twitches. It freaks me out a little bit. I've just been keeping it straight.
I've decided the Swiss are lucky. They've got the army knives, cheese, Miss...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Martha (NOT Sara) Stewart

One of my friends is a home-ecky Becky and she gets the Martha Steward magazine. Apparently when she re-newed her subscription, she could send a "free 3-month-trial" to a friend. I am that friend. I flipped through it today. There is a calendar of "to dos" that I found kind-of funny, and mirrored my own to-do list. I can't remember all of Martha's but here is the gist.
October 1- Make nice warm homemade potato soup with fresh venison (my version- Eat some warm potato soup from Bennigans)
October 2- Consider harvesting the remainder of your tomatoes. (Mine- decide tomatoes are too "tomato-y" and take them off my food list)
October 3- Pick fresh pears for canning. (Mine- laugh at people who pick their own pears to can 'cuz you can get a can of canned pears at CashWise for .89 cents)
October 4- Go apple picking, set some aside for apple sauce, apple pies, and apple crisp. Set the large ones aside for caramel apples and bobbing for apples later in the month (mine- get hungry for apples and go by some at the store)
October 5- Finish pickling your cucumbers from your garden. (Mine- Pickles come from cucumbers?)
October 6- Take your dogs to the groomer to get a fall "spruce-up" (mine- brush Abby since she's the only one who won't run away when I brush them).
October 7- Take out your Halloween decorations and add new gourds and baby pumpkins to your decor. (mine- Hee hee- Silly Martha- pumpkins don't have babies).
October 8- Choose a pattern to make a festive Halloween costume. (Mine- My kids are going to dress like Hobos- all they need is their dad's mow-the-lawn clothes.)
October 9- Winterize your garden with your hoe. (Mine- The only hoe I know would never winterize her garden)
October 10- Create a fall wreath using eucalyptus, fall flowers and crab apples. (Mine- I used all of the crab apples to throw at the neighbor kids)
October 11- Arrange for a fun family portrait take in the fall foliage. (Mine- remember that I was running late on the kids' first day of school and neglected to take their "first day" pictures. - Re-in-act their first day of school and take a picture.
October 12- Visit a pumpkin patch- remember the video recorder. (Mine- Have your aunt deliver you pumpkins from her garden.)
October 13- Enjoy some delicious Apple cider. (Mine- Enjoy some delicious SPIKED Apple cider).
October14- Get a haircut for a fresh fall look. (Mine- cut your bangs you are growing out as you tell yourself "I should never cut my own bangs")
October 15- Get your flu shot. (Mine- Take a shot at the local bar)
October 16- Make some wonderful pumpkins squares. (Mine- you can make pumpkins become a square?)
October 17- Make a delicious yam stew. (Mine- throw all the left overs in the fridge in the crock pot, turn it on and call it supper).
October 18- Sew a fun Holiday vest or smock. (Mine- really? What's a smock and who'd wear one?)
October 19- Enjoy time by the fire snuggled up with a loved one. (Mine- OK- that one isn't so bad)
October 20- Go on a hay ride. (Mine- Are you kidding? It's a school night! And- the sun goes down at 6:00 in the frozen tundra of the north).
October 21- Finalize the guest list for your Halloween party. (Mine- Halloween is on a Sunday right?)
October 22- Watch Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin (Mine- Sally's voice makes me want to stick pins in my ears and Charlie Brown is annoying and pathetic).
October 23- Make home made duck pot pie. (Mine- mmmm. pot pie)
October 24- Start getting the treats ready for trick or treaters (Mine- really? If you wait that long all of the good candy will be gone).
October 25- Make a festive garland with mini marshmallows and cranberries. (Mine- Why?)
October 26- Sew festive Halloween place mats for the ghouls and goblins. (Mine- I don't invite ghouls and goblins to my table)
October 27- Make 2 dozen caramel apples. (Mine- Get a caramel shake from the DQ)
October 28- Make popcorn balls with a dash of honey and crasins (Mine-eat popcorn, and what's with the cranberries?)
October 29- Volunteer at a child's school Halloween party (Mine- I do, but it's not voluntarily)
October 30- Put the finishing touches on your Halloween party. (Mine- collect crab apples that have fallen off the neighbors tree)
October 31- Hand out treats to all of the neighborhood children. (Mine- Get ready to throw crab apples at them when I run out of candy and they try to "trick")