Monday, January 25, 2010


Today, at 6:00am I got a mass phone call to all Fargo School Employees telling us school is canceled for the day! I love snow days. I immediately turned on the TV to watch the scroll and look for Fargo school being canceled, just in case the district office just called me and were waiting with candid cameras to see if I'd fall for their trickery. There it was "All Fargo/Moorhead schools closed today"! YAY!! I even watched it again, so I could get that little anticipation like you did as a kid looking for your school on the list of NO SCHOOL... I know we have to make it up in March, but a snow day is like an unexpected present. A big beautiful unexpected present that gets taken away and we have to return on March 10th.
I slept in until 9:30. I took a nap, read my new novel, and watched TV. I didn't have to clean or do laundry because it was already done. See, that's why a snow day is better than having our "built in snow day" in March off, because it's a free pass to do nothing! If I had March 10th off. I would leave a little laundry or cleaning for that day. Today the possibilities were endless, well except for leaving the house because it's storming. The possibilities while locked up in my house were all mine. I needed to sleep in. I had to get up at 6:30 on both days this weekend because Noah had a basketball tournament starting at 8:00 on Saturday (who starts basketball tournaments at 8am? Sleep haters that's who!) and we became members at church on Sunday.
My kids are so sweet. I usually wake the kids up at 7:15, and they get ready so we can get out the door by 7:40. At 8:15 Noah and Ethan came in and stared at me until I looked at them, and Noah said, "mom. It's 8:15. I think you're late for school." They were all dressed and ready to walk out the door. How sweet is that? If I wasn't so tired I would have played along and pretend we were late. Maybe I'll do that next time.


Julie said...

I thought it was funny.

Al says we're putting Lilly in private school in the state of West Fargo

ssne said...

Oh come on now... If you are still in your house in six years, I could be Lilly's teacher and I'll even let her do a report about the state of Madock. Didn't Lawrence Welk come from there?