Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's 4:70 Somewhere...

I have a student I absolutely adore. "Bobby" reminds me so much of my Ethan. He is easy going and quick witted. If someone says or does something dumb, they both give that person the same look, as if to say "who ARE you?" Bobby also reminds me of Ethan because they both can take or leave almost everything, but when they find something they are looking forward to or love, they get so enthused. Today was Bobby's show and hell day. Usually the kids just tell us what's going on in their corner of the universe. As he sat in the coveted chair, Bobby told us about a trip his family has planned. "After school gets out for the summer we are flying to West Virgina to see my grandpa! I've never, ever been on a plane and I can't wait!! My mom says we will get out own can of pop for free! And I'll probably get to see a MOVIE. On. The. Plane!! We are first flying to Chicago and having a hangover (yep, he said hangover), and I hope it's not too long. Then we will get on another plane and fly all the way to West Virginia! I get to see my grandpa who lived in New Zealand, but moved to West Virginia in February. I met him when I was a baby, but I don't remember him. We talk on the computer and on the phone sometimes." Next, the children get to ask three question, which I have to preface every day "QUESTIONS. Not stories. Something he can answer." Student 1- "How are you getting to West Virginia?" Bobby- (giving the look) "We're flying." Student 2- "Are you um. Flying on a plane?" I really wanted to say, "Nope. He's flapping his arms really, really fast." But I held my tongue, however felt the need to intervene. "Has your grandpa always lived in New Zealand?" Bobby- "No. He moved there right after I was born. He taught college there." Student 3- "Did your grandpa drive to West Virgina when he moved back from New Zealand?" Naw, flapped his arms. It runs in the family. The next statement was "It's 10:75. Isn't it time for recess?"

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