Friday, April 8, 2011

My Little Friend

Remember a few months ago when I thought for a week I should go back to teaching Kindergarten? Then I saw a little boy, "Jimmy", walking down the hall, spinning and karate kicking the air and he almost kicked a girl in the head. I told him, "Oh no. You almost kicked her. That's not very safe." He ran after her and apologized. That really made me want to teach Kindergarten again because a third grader would probably say, "But I didn't kick her..." Well, I had door duty in the Kindergarten pod this week. I realized three things: 1) even though they are very little, they make A LOT of noise. 2) As soon as you tell them to stop doing something, they listen (for a little while until they forget). 3) They are so cute and think nothing of running up and hugging you. These kids have no clue who I am, yet they were like, 'I saw her yesterday. That means she's not a stranger so I must hug her.' During door duty I became reacquainted with Jimmy. On Monday he ran up to me and asked, "Are you Ms. Smith?" Ms. Smith is a Title teacher who lets kids borrow educational board games over night. "No, I'm Mrs. Fairfield. If I see her I'll tell her you're looking for her." On Tuesday he ran up and held my hand, "Are you Ms. Smith?" I thought 'ohh, honey, you can call me Ms. Smith'. Then I thought, I feel like a hooker, "You can call me whatever you want for enough money..." Needless to say, Jimmy hugged me everyday this week and usually held my hand whenever he talked to me. I hope he's in my class in three more years!

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Julie said...

See-there is something good about door duty! I can arrange some more little friends for you, if you'd like. They are cute a just a little naughty.