Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Funny Kids

I thought I better have a more upbeat post so here it is...
Kids are funny. Ethan's teacher said, "take out your writing and put on your thinking caps."
Ethan- "Oh man... I lost my thinking cap..."

The pants wars have started up again at our house on school days. Ethan has to wear a slim 8 in running pants with a drawstring to "cinch" them up.
Ethan "I need more pants"
Me- "I just bought you eight pairs"
Ethan- "they are too fat"
Me- " You are too scrawny!"
Ethan- "I can't help it if I want to be a football player." What?? I think he is confused.

The other day at school I told the kids to write about their dream vacation. One girl wrote, "I wood go to Hawly. I'd take my hole family. We'd be there for 14 days. It wood be fun." I hope she meant Hawaii and not Hawley- because that would take 14 minutes- if she went slow.

We were drawing self portraits and I had the kids put their thumb on their chin and at the corner of their eye. I told them to freeze the distance on their hand, then move their thumb to the corner of their eye and the finger ends up at the top of their head. I said "That means your eyes are in the (middle)..."
Kid- "In your brain!!"

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