Thursday, December 30, 2010

Belated Merry Christmas and How Things Have Changed

Merry Christmas to you all! I am completely enjoying vacation. My brother came home on the 22nd and left yesterday because of the weather. I am napping, reading and hanging out with my kids. They are so much fun to be with. The kids had a good Christmas, got a lot of gifts and are tolerating each other well. I got a Kindle, which is super cool and spent Christmas at- wait for it... MY DAD'S!! We went out there on Christmas day for lunch. It was the most delicious meal I have had for as long as I can remember. During vacation I've noticed some things that have changed over the years.
1. Apparently "sick" said like, "Si-ick!" means "cool, or great". When I was a teen "si-ick" meant stupid, corny, dorky, throwing up, having a hang-over or a fever. Noah declared all of his Christmas gifts as "si-ick and I don't think they qualify as what I called "si-ick."
2. Awesome. Awesome is an over used word and it makes me cringe as much now as it did when I was in college. In the mid-90's people said "awesome" to over emphasize they are too enthusiastic, therefore making them "si-ick" (dorky). I vividly remember one professor who would say "awesome" all of the time and she was a huge kook! Now, grown-ups, kids, and grand-parents say "awesome" all of the time. I hate the word "awesome".
3. Leopard print leggings. Three years ago if I told you, "the woman was wearing leopard print leggings..." What would you picture? Truly... Don't be all politically correct. You probably are picturing a trashy woman who is dressing "fancy" or a person much too heavy for leggings making them look like tights. I know I am too heavy for leggings, therefore I do not attempt to wear them. I also know I am not a fashion template by any means, but even I know if you weigh more than 105 pounds and look younger than 30, you should never, ever wear patterned leggings. Today I watched Regis and Kelly, and guess what's hot for the new year?- Yep- Leopard print leggings. Guess those girls really did hit it big.
4. Walmart still makes me go "hmmm" I know the dropping prices are tempting, but I found a lot of items are the same or even cheaper at Target- and made with better quality. Sometimes I wonder if sock companies have a "Walmart" way of making them and the "everyone else" way. I bought 2 package of socks, one for Ethan and one for Noah. Both were Fruit of the Loom, but Noah's was from Target and not worn out, Ethan's was from Walmart and came out of the package half way worn out. Also, Walmart 'managers' are scared to work. I asked someone to open the game case to get one and she had to track someone down and apologizing profusely for making that person walk all the way over- six feet- to the game aisle. Later my checkout lady noticed someone left her bag and the lady left to track them down. The 'manager' was standing three feet away and wouldn't finish checking my items. Weird huh?
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and the New Year Brings you everything you want!!

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