Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009

It is now a whole new year. A chance for me to become a better person. Do you think that will happen? Probably not. I don't do well with change. However, I have decided I have some resolutions- we'll see how long I'll keep them.
1. I will stop biting my nails. I am a grown-up and I do not need to bite my nails anymore. I have stopped before, but then one rips and I fall off the wagon.
2. I will lose 12 pounds. I say 12 because 15 seems unattainable without changing my exercise and eating habits dramatically, but I want to lose more than 10.
3. I will be less sarcastic.
We all know THAT one ain't gonna happen!- I just said it to be sarcastic!! hee heee. It is 9:16 and I haven't eaten anything yet today, including my nails!
Yesterday Ethan was "teaching" his webkinz how to draw. He had them lined up on the bed and he was at his easel. I actually took a picture, but can I find the cord to connect to the camera to download it onto the computer? NO. Maybe number 3 should be "be more organized"- ha we all know that ain't gonna happen either. Anyway, his arrangement of his "students" reminded me of my students. Only about four were facing him, one fell off the bed (or out of his chair), three were laying down, two were facing the wrong way and several were facing each other (probably talking). However, like his mother, Ethan just keep teaching. Maybe he does take after me.

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