Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I want to wish everyone Happy New Year. I hope 2009 brings you health and happiness. And a little white dog perhaps? It's official, Sammy won't let me sleep in or nap. The evil little mutt senses when I am thinking, 'lay still. Sam will go away and let me sleep.' I can try to nap when he is napping, and he will wake up in order to wake me up. He is as big as Abby now and has started humping Max and Abby. I wonder if he is older than his owners thought? He gets his second round of shots on Monday, maybe they'll slip him some Valium so I can sleep. Paul has to go back to Arizona today. It makes me sad. I'll miss him. Ethan's fish tank water is cloudy. I looked up the reason why and the Internet says it's because I added fish to soon and to many. Damn the fish Nazis and their wisdom.
Thoughts that I think: I wonder if the vet will put GPS tracking in my kids. He put it in Abby and Max, and I am even more attached to the boys. I think putting GPS tracking in the boys would be the best idea EVER. I can keep track of them now, and when they are teenagers and try to sneak into a party and lie to me about it.


Lydia said...

I GPS is a great idea for the kids. I think someone should invent that. If they do it for dogs, why not kids. Makes sense to me.

ssne said...

I Know! The whole "someone is ging to steal you if you continue to walk ten feet behind mom" while shopping wouldn't be such a reality!!