Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Snow

Seriously. There is MORE snow on the ground. I remember last year, the kids could hardly go sledding because of no snow, now we have a ton. I just have to say, Christmas break ROCKS!! I love staying home and sleeping in, as long as Sammy lets me, then he decides I need to get up and feed him/let him out/play. I love being home with the kids, although Ethan is whining right now because his Pac-Man game is too hard, and Paul is home! My wicked step-mother has chased him away like she did my sister. I'm not sure how long it'll be before he comes home again. Ethan was talking to my sister on the phone the other day and she asked if we had a lot of snow. He said, "I don't know, I have to look." He ran to the deck door to look out, "There isn't any on the deck, but a lot on the ground." He's so funny. Yesterday the boys were playing, the dogs were either sleeping or with the boys, so I thought great time to shower (also it was after 12:30 and I was still in jammies). I am taking my shower with the radio on and Noah talks at the door. All I hear is, "mom! amnahmnabla Ethan blunamna three?"
"I don't understand you." By this time Sammy is barking up a storm because that is what he does thirty percent of the time he is awake. The other fifty percent of the time he is chewing on something he shouldn't and the last twenty he is being a good dog.
"Can I come in?" I am creeped out with Noah seeing me naked now that he is the age of my students, so I say, "NO".
"MOM, blablablablabla, Ethan?"
"I DON'T CARE!!!" Apparently he thought I didn't care if he came in. So the door opens, I tell him to get out. However he let the dogs in. Sammy is still barking, came running in and jumped in the shower with me. He has always done this. I think it's because he misses me when I am in the shower. It's that or he likes the taste of soap. Max is scratching on the tub, because he doesn't want to be left out and I am wondering what I said "go ahead" to. I am hoping it wasn't; "mom, can Ethan play with knives/the stove/garbage disposal/drain cleaner/your I-Pod/on the street?" Wow! I am taking a big chance taking a shower. I never found out what it was he was saying. When I got out he forgot.
Thoughts that I think: Beef is made from Beef cattle, Pork comes from pigs, Chicken comes from chicken. How do we know hot dogs don't come from dogs? Hmmmmm

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Lydia said...

Isnt it true- the minute we get in the shower, everything falls apart? It never fails here either.