Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mother of the Year Part 5

Noah wanted to give Ethan a binder to put his Pokemon cards in for Christmas. So we got him a binder and yesterday Scott took Ethan outside, so I told Noah to go into Ethan's room to get his Pokemon cards and put them into the binder. Not even two hours later, Ethan noticed one of his most treasured possessions- his Pokemon cards- were gone. Now he is going to ask Santa for them back. Nothin' like taking your kids stuff and giving it back to them for Christmas to teach the real meaning of Christmas. I wonder what Santa will think when Ethan asks for his Pokemon cards back. Yes. I haven't taken the kids to see Santa yet. I am much too busy waiting by the mailbox for my mother-of-the year award.
Last night I had my graduation from my master's party. My friend Julie brought her husband's old graduation cap for me to wear and get a photo of. I had lots of fun. Turns out Chuck Norris is not my friend, as I had a big headache this morning.
Scott and the boys left this morning to go to the cities to a Vikings game. Scott just called, Noah threw-up twice. Poor Noah. I hate that he is sick so far away and won't be home until late tonight. The kids don't have school tomorrow, but I do. I have so many things to do before Christmas, I could really use another snow day. -Or my student teacher back, so I can get my school stuff done at least.


jill said...

Wish i could have come for the celebration. Those Fairfield shots sound like a lot of fun! said...

They were! As was the pinata!!