Thursday, December 25, 2008

Paul Makes a Fine Wife

My brother makes a fine wife. I'm not making a statement about his sexuality, but if I said he makes a fine husband- that would be Arkansas creepy. Last Monday and Tuesday the kids didn't have school because kids from Moorhead rarely go to school. I did however. I needed a sitter because Jo went to Arizona to see her son, daughter-in-law and grand baby. So, Paul volunteered to babysit the boys. While I was gone, he cooked for the kids, did the dishes, washed the clean clothes and shoveled the driveway so clean, there wasn't a speck of snow on it. Oh- and he found a way to contain Ethan (see picture). Now before you start looking up the phone number to child-re-po services in Moorhead, I should tell you Ethan put himself into the dog kennel and shut the door. Paul let him out after the whining got too excessive. Just Kidding- he didn't. No! Kidding again! Or am I??
Thoughts that I think: If I were Rodolph and the other reindeer wouldn't let me join their games or called me names, I'd punch them in the nose. That way they would have a red nose too!

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