Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Weather is Still Frightful- but not as bad as before...

Paul's flight was canceled, as was school for tomorrow. The boy's school is canceled tomorrow too. I hate when they cancel this early, because last time they canceled school, it ended up being a beautiful day. They shouldn't have canceled it at 3:30 the afternoon before. Now I have to work on Easter Thursday. I hope the I is open. I don't want to drive through town. I want to see my brother in the worst way- I just hope those "pilots can see in the dark", or through a snowstorm. Hee heee. Stacy's mom said once on a trip at night- Loudly- "Gee Stac. I SURE hope these pilots can see in the dark!!" Stacy told her they have big headlights on the plane. One more day pent up with my loving children!!My "Baby" cousin, Lisa, became a mommy. She will be a wonderful mom. How do I know? Well, being 8-years-older I was always playing house with her and she was my real life baby and was perfect. She learned from the best! Ha ha! Seriously, she will be a really good mom. She is nurturing and loving. She actually covered me up once with a blanket when she had to be less then two when I fell asleep on the couch once. I think she's been meant to be a mom since she was a little girl. She has a very lucky baby boy. She really is the type of mom who should have a dozen or more. Or six sets of twins, or four sets of triplets, but not three sets of quadruplets because that would be silly. And a lot of work.

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