Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I have many vises, biting my nails, falling off of my never ending "diet" wagon, Coors light, Dt. Mt. Dew, Young and the Restless, and talking on my cell phone while driving just to name a few. My most expensive one is the E-bay one. I am a bit, what should I say... COMPETITIVE. So, E-bay feeds right into that. In the last seven years, I "needed" several pieces of Brighton (really expensive) jewelry, a Coach purse for $65.00 that holds exactly five bills, fourteen coins and a small pack of gum. Actually, it is a purse that goes into my real purse. I also "needed" lots of baby clothes for Ethan until I realized I was paying for used clothes what I would pay for new at Herberger's or Macy's, a Halloween sweatshirts (even though I did get a cool one with blinking lights on it that make my ADD kids go nuts- not so good for the kids who are prone to seizures though), and a Halloween costume. Being an elementary teacher you have to dress up for the Halloween party. I used my pumpkin outfit for years. It's basically a dress with elastic around the thighs and I wore tights with it. After wearing it for several Halloweens, I got sick of it- even though it is still in my closet at school and I dragged it to all six schools I taught at. I believed it was time to buy a new costume. It is impossible to buy a "school appropriate" adult costume at the stores. They are all 'naughty cheerleader', 'naughty nurse', 'skanky witch',and ' look at my huge cleavage school girl'. So, I decided three years ago to order on E-bay a "Woodland Fairy" costume. I anxiously waited at my mailbox (much like I wait by my mailbox for the mother of the year award to arrive) and I finally got it! I tried it on. It was SO NOT a woodland fairy costume, it was a slutty whore fairy costume! It was short- SHORT and very, VERY see-through. Needless to say, I couldn't wear that to school. By the way if anyone needs a size eight woodland fairy costume, let me know- I can hook you up real cheep! Now I am looking for a new "school appropriate costume" for this year. My recent E-bay addiction is webkinz. It is stuffed animals that come with a code that the kids use on the webkinz website to adopt and take care of. Noah has 17 and Ethan has 21, soon to be at least 23. I started the addiction when they came out and were hard to find in the stores, so I gladly paid $15.00 for a webkinz stuffed animal. Now they are even at Target for $9.99. Still I found myself last weekend ordering webkinz on E-bay for more than I want to admit because Ethan wants specific ones for his upcoming birthday. Now I am back to constantly checking E-bay for things I "need" to fulfill my competitive nature. What is with that? I have a whole garage full of crap that I don't want anymore! Maybe I should sell it on E-bay. Stupid people like me will pay more than the price it was new when you could easily get at the store. Also, why the hell would I buy a blanket on E-bay when 1) we have about 87 blankets at my house and 2) who wants a used stinky ass blanket? However, did that stop me from buying it? NO- It is currently in my garage with the other crap I want to get rid of. I think E-bay has it's place, as in when you need to find a specific thing you are looking for that you can't find in stores. However, when someone who could be a little obsessive, and who tends to compete with everyone about everything without their knowledge gets a hold of the website, it could get dangerous.
Well I better sign off, my witch costume I am bidding on is coming due soon.
Thought that I think: Sam is becoming a nice dog. He has settled down. He doesn't barkthat much anymore, but he still thinks I need his 35 pound company in the shower in the morning. Oh well. It gives me someone to talk to.

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