Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pet Talking

Do you ever talk for your pets? I constantly do. Today, Noah had a friend over and I talked for Max in front of the friend's mom and I was stone sober. I felt like such a dork. Whenever I talk to the dogs, (which is more often than to the people in my house because the people don't answer me) I always answer for them. For example; this morning I said "Good morning Maxie, did you sleep well?" Then I replied, "Yes mama, I slept good. I like to sleep by your head." Then I asked Sam, "Sammy, do you gotta go outside?" I answered in a similar but a little lower voice because he is bigger, "Yes mama. I no pee on the floor. Ethan pees on the floor, not me. I go in the toilet." Then I talk to Abby, "Abby, you are such a pretty princess. You are so nice." Then I reply for Abby, "I am mama, why you no feed me better if I am royalty? Why you make me live with commoners?" And the conversations go on and on. That very conversation happened this morning before I even took a shower. They are the first 'people' I 'converse' with every day. Sometimes I even use them to tell the other people in my house things like, "Abby, tell Noah to pick up his clothes and put them in the laundry basket." Then I change my voice a little to the "Abby voice" and say, "Noah quit being a pig and relying on mama to clean up after you..." Sometimes I use the dogs to deliver bad news, "Maxie, tell Ethan he has to go to bed." Then I use the Max voice and say, "Ethan- Go to bed!! Listen to mama, she is so wise and beautiful." I need to know, do other people do this? I hope so. I did this growing up with my cats and my dad told me once I sounded like a (word that rhymes with teetard), but it didn't stop me, it actually made me do it more just to annoy him. Now it's a habit. A little bit embarrassing habit, so if you talk for your pets (note- I NEVER talk for Ethan's fish), please let me know that I am not a fool.

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