Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend

I had a very quiet Memorial Weekend. I announced each day I was going to give Abby and Sam a bath, do laundry, sweep, mop the floor and vacuum. However, announcing it was as far as I got. I went to school to pack up my stuff, bought and planted flowers. I played 47 rounds of Sorry with Ethan, and four hours of Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, and Deal or No Deal on "Games Show Wii", as well as wii dodge ball with both boys. I now have wii arm- which means my right arm is sore from playing wii. I looked last night and noticed I have definite muscle definition on my right arm, but not my left so I might need to start playing wii with my left arm. On Sunday I watched four hours of Lifetime. I flipped between Lifetime and Soap Network because they were playing a Young and the Restless marathon. I made a deal with myself, if both channels had a commercial on at the same time, it meant I was suppose to go into the kitchen to get an oreo. Oreos were my lunch and supper on Sunday. I realized the kids would rather be with their friends than their mom. Noah spend Friday night at a friend's. Had a friend over on Sunday and went to their lake all day on Monday. Ethan went to the neighbor's house for most of the day on Sunday. I have this week off while the kids still have school! Woo-hoo!!
Things to Know:
If at first you don't succeed, go through the trash and look for the directions.

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