Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dog Days Of Summer

The good thing is, the pool is set up and working like a charm. The bad thing is, it's been too cold for the past 6 days to use it. Oh well, during the past six days I spend two of them in the hospital with Noah getting his appendix out, and the other four unpacking my 97 boxes in my new classroom. Noah's main nurse was a neighbor growing up! She told Noah she used to change my diapers when she babysat me as a baby. I love my new room at my new school. It's in an awesome location. It's sized and shaped nicely, there's tons of storage, and everything is shiny bright and still smells like new carpet. However, yesterday as I unpacked I felt I was on the verge of tears the whole time. I think it's the unknown, you know? I don't know if people will like me. Will I "fit in" or always be an outsider looking in? Will the kids and parents be nice? I know NOTHING about any of my students. It's scary. Yesterday I thought, 'I'll never see Andy Panda running up to me with a note pinned to his jacket ever again,' and it made me really sad. I'll never see "Hector" who wrote a note and left it on my chair last year when he was in fourth grade saying "You said I wus smarte. so I wuz." What if no one ever believes in him again and he ends up on the streets? I won't be in my room when he comes back to see me in the fall. I won't be there when Andy Panda comes in and sits down for the first half of the year because that's his routine. Who will tell him, "Andy, look around. There are no other students in here. Is this really your classroom?" I'll never have another Watson child. It was a four year tradition, and I love the Watsons. I also won't get Evie's little sister, and I love Evie and her little sister. This morning I find myself dragging my feet and not wanting to go in and organize, but I have to because in less than a week, the kids are going to show up if I'm ready or not. I haven't found that damn magic wand that will do stuff for me, the genie with three wishes, or the winning lottery ticket, so I guess I better shower and go in. I wish I had one more month of Summer vacation. I'm tired of parents saying, "Thank God school is starting next week!! My kid needs it!" Because what they are really saying is, "Good Lord! These kids are getting on my very last nerve and it's about time their teacher to have to put up with 'em!" Oh!! Another good thing- I ordered new swimsuits on-line today from Amish Swimsuits R Us. I'm hoping it does get hot again so I can use them before I break out my long-johns.

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Debbie said...

I thought I was your only babysitter!

You will be fine. You go through the jitters every year!