Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Old" People?

My dad turns 75 next week. When I was younger, like 20, I used to think 75 was old. Now I like to think of it as middle aged. I know my dad isn't going to live to 150, but I hope he has a good 25 more years in him. I have noticed a lot of changes in the past few years- other than the "What? I didn't know I had a daughter, let alone two! And all of MY grandchildren are in their 20's..." That's due more to his wife than old age. But he forgets things a lot now. He loses stuff. He never used to lose things, but now he puts the house key in a "secret hiding spot" also known as his shoe, and then he forgets his "secret" spot. He'll spend two days looking for the key and when he tells me about it I think, 'how did you not wear your shoes for two days?' He's also gotten so nit-picky. I only talk to him maybe twice a month, but the last two times the conversation revolved around how he and his wife "saved" spots at a table at the local polka fest for four of their friends. Well, one set of friends brought some of their friends that my dad's wife can't stand- that's a shocker- she can't stand me either, and I am awesome. Anyway, I got the half hour low down on how mad they were because these friends brought other people to their "saved" table. I wanted to tell him, like I tell the third graders about lunch- "You can't save spots, that's rude. How would you feel if you didn't have anywhere to sit and all of the spots are 'saved'? You'd feel like no one likes you, that's how you'd feel- so stop saving spots." Today's conversation revolved around how they went to a family friend's funeral. Dad and his wife were mad because none of dad's brother's wives "saved" them a spot, which made them have to sit in the pew in front of the others. Guess they got the short end of the "saving spots" stick. Anyway, I don't like to think of my dad as old. There are too many things left undone and unsaid, which will remain that way and I know it'll bother me to no end one day. Who knows, maybe he will live forever- Victor and Kay on the Young and the Restless are still alive and they have been old my whole life. Victor continues to have children even though he's about 190-years-old, and Kay is finally showing her age. She just yells randomly "Ahhhhhhh!!!!" when people are fighting around her. Wouldn't it be a hoot if my dad started doing that?
Yesterday I passed a hobo and I wondered, where did he get the sharpie marker and cardboard to make his sign?


Julie said...

I wondered the SAME THING about the sharpie today. Was the guy by Target?

ssne said...

YES!! He was!!!