Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cholesterol Check

Today I went to the Doctor to get my cholesterol checked. I knew I had to get it checked since June 6. At first I planned to go one week without beer, cheese, or red meat. I had only 30 days to get the test done, so I changed my "rule" to 5 days without beer or cheese. Then it was three days without beer. The end of the month is coming fast, so I decided, I can't be hung over or have had cheese the night before. So today was the day! Although I did have cheesy potatoes last night for supper. I don't know why I have to get it checked. I had it checked two years ago when we decided to buy life insurance. My cholesterol, height, weight, antibodies, hair length, favorite color, and shoe size were all within the "normal" range. The insurance company wanted $250 a month to insure me, even though I am relatively young, a non-smoker and "normal". And $150 a month for Scott who was in the "high weight and cholesterol" bracket. He was "accepted". However when they got my medical records I was denied because I, and many of the female relatives that came before me use(d) bitch-be-gone pills. Apparently that makes me "high-risk". Really? Because I'd say not being on them makes Scott a"high-risk". Needless to say, we decided to put that money in an account rather than insurance. I was told "if you go off the medication, we'd be happy to insure you..." Every few months the salesman calls me to ask if I'm still on my beloved bitch-be-gone pills. The last time he called I said, "Did I answer the phone pleasantly?" He said, "Yes." Then I said, "If I was off them I'd answer the phone like this; What do you want you money grubbing a$$hole? Oh I know! You want $400 a month to insure us. Well, if I ever sober up, or if Scott doesn't quit his damn snoring we will definatly need and use that insurance, so sign me up my friend!" He hasn't called since January.

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