Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 3

Day three of summer vacation and it's not as fabulous as I had hoped for during the last nine months. Don't get me wrong, it is awesome to sleep in until 8:00 (by the way, I am SO sleepy lately- I bet I have slept 13 hours a day since summer vacation). It's also awesome to be able to tell Ethan, "no school today" when he crawls in bed with me at 8:00. The dogs think it is fantastic now that we got the nasty vet business out of the way, and now I realize how much Sam really does sleep. Every time he sleeps it makes me remember my mom saying, "babies grow when they sleep", and it makes me want to wake him up because he is too big already. It's nice watching my soap everyday, even though it seems I haven't missed much in the last nine months. I just thought summer vacation would be spectacular!! So far it's "eh.." I feel the pressure to make it spectacular because we got done really late this year, and we start earlier than ever next fall, so my summer days are limited. If you have any ideas on how to make it spectacular, let me know. Other than the "take Noah to the dentist and find out he needs braces and pay the 800.00 bill for Ethan's broken arm." I am at a loss. Seriously. I should have been an orthopedic surgeon. They make 459.00 for just looking at an x-ray and saying, "Yep. Looks like it's healing. Bet he won't jump off a swing again. haa haa. See ya next week..." I could see the x-ray, and say that it's healing. They should x-ray him and give it to me- skip the middle man (whom makes 459.00) all together.
My teacher friend said on facebook today that she "wants a dog for her family. She took an on-line quiz (probably the one we took that lead to Abby) about what dog she should get." She wants, "a small dog that doesn't bark, or shed. Is good with kids, can be left alone and easy to train." The answer she got was, "there is no dog that matches your desires." I was all HELLLOOOO!! Maxie does!! He doesn't shed, or bark, he's great with the kids and was easy to train. He likes his kennel, so I think he's OK with being alone. I told her about Max and she said he sounded like a good breed. She also said her daughter loves the name "Sara" and wants to name the dog that, but she said she won't name the dog my name. I'd be honored to be named after a dog like Maxine. He is so sweet and loved. I told her that and that she'll love her like she's a third child. We'll see. She is also considering a beagle, which I think are yappy and neurotic, but her other friend said they aren't.
My next door neighbor has the week off and came over today with her son which happens to be Ethan's Best Friend. I am so glad she came over. I had a difficult day and really needed a friend more than I've needed a friend in the last few years or so. We had a few beers on the deck and I saw a glimpse of what a spectacular summer should be. She went "home" to Dickinson for her Grandma's funeral last weekend. Guess what?! If you live up here, you are familiar with the story, but if you don't... There were four fugitives from the Alabama prison (for killing people) who came to North Dakota- thinking who lives in North Dakota? We'll never get caught. They knocked over a liquor store (I always wanted to say that for real) in Dickinson and hid out in the garage of a farmstead near Dickinson for at least 15 hours. The garage they were hiding out in was my neighbor's parents neighbor!! How crazy!! The road to "town" was blocked because of the fugitives, and it caused my neighbor, her sisters and families as well as her parents to be LATE to grandma's funeral!! WOW!! Now that's a memorable way to go out. One of the para-professionals at my school dad died last month. During his funeral, some guy died of a heart-attack AND the Church caught fire! The oven that they were cooking the hot dish in caught fire, everyone was upstairs at the ceremony and didn't find out until the alarm and sprinkler system went off. Now that's a way to go. I sincerely hope someone passes out from too much heat or sadness (doesn't die though) during my funeral and the church catches on fire. That way all of the funeral goers will know exactly what I am going through- with the fire and all. However, wouldn't want any people or animals (aka- dogs in purses) hurt in any way. It will be remembered as that old school teacher's funeral when the church caught fire. I'd go down in history!! When the para told my students what happened at her dad's funeral, one of my students said "Did everyone get out?" "Yes" "Who got your dad out?" Hee heee. He said it, but you know EVERYONE was thinking it.

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