Monday, June 8, 2009

First Day of Summer Adventure

Well, I would consider today to be my first "official vacation day", because Thursday and Friday I worked, and the weekend is, well- the weekend. Today Ethan had an appointment to check on the healing progress of his arm. His appointment was at 8:05. We got in at 9:10. It was so frustrating. Ethan has been so wild and impatient lately, he was on the floor, on the chair, on the floor, walking around, making weird noises, on the floor, etc... He was driving me nuts. He needs to get that cast off and soon so he can get all of that energy out by going crazy outside. When we walked into the Doctor's room after the x-ray, he hinted that Ethan could get his cast off, but recommended it stay on for 10 more days to make it even stronger so, June 19 it's coming off!!
While we were at the doctor, Noah called to tell us that he put the leashes on Max and Abby, and Sam chewed off Maxie's leash. I think he was trying to take Maxine for a walk. Later, when I got home, Sam had chewed off Abby's leash as well. It's a good thing we still had Sam's and a spare leash. I had to take Max and Abby to the vet to get blood drawn for the heart worm test. Abby hates the vet, so she whines and barks constantly while she is there. Max got so worked up that he pooped in the waiting area and the whole way to the scale. The technician took Max back to draw his blood and when he came back he was so traumatized he ran over to me and peed on the floor. Seriously. I don't think I'll be allowed back into the Pet Clinic again. They probably have my photo up saying, "don't help this lady..."

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