Monday, June 22, 2009

I am Thankful

I am thankful I am a teacher. I know I whine and complain about some parents not raising their children so the responsibility falls on the classroom teacher, but being a teacher allows me to raise my own kids. Not only is teaching my passion, but it gives me three months (except June is always crappy- so I wish it were July, August, September) off. I love spending the days with the boys. I love waking up to Ethan crawling in bed (or already there) and wanting to cuddle. He's at an age where every time he holds my hand or wants to sit RIGHT by me on the couch might be the last. I feel like I have to burn it into my memory. I love watching Noah get so grown-up. He is so responsible and logical. I am thankful for Noah because he is, and always has been an easy child. He truly wants to please. He is such a good teacher for his brother. Sometimes he is a cocky winner, but he's so fun to hang around with. I am thankful for Ethan because he prefers mommy to anyone else in the whole world, and he is funny, and innocent and when he loves something he LOVES it with his whole heart. Ethan doesn't like a lot of things, but when he does- he loves it with passion. I see my personality in both of the boys even though they are so opposite. Noah is what I strive to be socially, everyone flocks to him because he has such a good heart. However, I am more socially like Ethan who is a bit skeptical at first, gets a first impression and is 90% correct about it. Ethan is quick witted and funny, where Noah is sensitive and kind. Noah tells you want you want to hear, and Ethan tells me the dentist will say I "have bent teeth." Noah will tell me the pants I am wearing don't make me look fat, while he is thinking "it's her fat that makes her look fat" so he's not technically lying. However, I know Ethan would tell me the truth, so when I ask him I know he means it. I love them both so much. This morning Ethan asked me what time it was, I said "9:30". "Oh! I gotta get dressed and play outside for an hour!" He ran downstairs to go get dressed in his pants because he has a hard time changing seasons and wearing appropriate clothing for the weather, and ran outside and played for an hour. He's so funny. I wish I could stop them from growing up so fast.

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