Friday, November 26, 2010

Poor Sam

Last night Sam-alamba ding-dong went to bed with Noah like always. A few hours later, he came limping out of Noah's room. He wouldn't put any weight on his left front paw or even put it down. I gave him puppy pain reliever and went to bed. This morning he was still limping. Poor Sammy. Scott took him to the vet and he had an x-ray. $150.00 later, we found out it was sprained. He must have landed wrong when he jumped off Noah's bed. As I write this he is starting to put some weight on it.
Well today is Black Friday. Last night I spent ten minutes explaining to Ethan what Black Friday is. He kept saying, "I don't get it..." Either it is too foreign of a concept for an 8-year-old, or it was a good way to delay bedtime. I didn't get up at the crack of dawn, but did go shopping in the early afternoon. I still got great deals. I'm done with two people on my list , bought myself a sweater, and got Samadoodle a pet bed. I ran into tons of people I know, so that was fun. Earlier this week the kids and I decided we would decorate for Christmas today. However, all of us are opting to "chill" instead. Now Noah says, "Christmas stuff already?" I have a bad cold, and Ethan wants to do it himself. Speaking of Christmas, I asked the kids what they want from Santa. Ethan is asking for "Lazar Tag" which is $400.00. Noah is asking for an iPod Touch which is North of 200.00. I told Ethan that Santa doesn't believe in fostering violence, and Noah that Santa could never "make" and iPod Touch in his workshop. Noah later told Scott that he suspected that Santa isn't real. He said it's because his friend got her Santa gift in a Walmart bag last Christmas. Great. I purposely buy special wrapping paper every year that is just used as Santa wrap so the kids don't get suspicious and now this girl's lazy mom spilled the beans to my baby. This makes me sad in so many ways. I would have gladly continued the Santa charade well into college, and after he has his own kids. I asked the kids if they want to see Santa. Ethan said he wants to write to Santa instead. That ends an era for me. For the past 10 years we have gone to Santa's Village. I love Santa's Village. Why are they growing up so fast?! I thought about having Santa write back. His letter to Ethan will be;
Dear Ethan,
You have been such a good boy this year and your teacher says you are doing well in school. I bet your mom is glad you help out out with the dogs. I can't create Lazar Tag in my workshop, but I'm sure I will find something you will like. Stay your mom's sweet innocent little boy. Never stop believing.
Love, Santa

Noah's would be;
Dear Noah,
You should have continued to believe, now it's your loss buddy.

I clearly remember the Christmas my mom told me there was no Santa. I was in Kindergarten-5-Years-Old!! Are you kidding me Claudia? I was your last chance of having a "baby" forever. I came along late, as a tag-along, and you treated me like I was 10 years older right out of the womb. She told me at Christmas Eve Supper. I cried and cried. I even got up Christmas morning at the crack of dawn and ran to the tree hoping she was wrong. Christmas was never the same for me after the ripe old age of 5. It lost its magic. You know the song, "Where are you Christmas? Why Can't I Find You..." I could have written that during my Kindergarten nap time. I didn't have the Christmas Spirit until I had my own kids and they believed in Santa. Now "Mrs. To Lazy to Put a Gift in a Gift Bag" wrecked that. At least Ethan still believes. So I better quick hide all of the Walmart bags...

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Sammy is so cute!