Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving and Something to Worry About?

I am so thankful for my family and friends, and my home and job. I am especially thankful for my family of four. Without any of them, I'd be lost and have no purpose. I'd like to take a minute to talk about what they've taught me. (These are in opposite order because the blog photo thing didn't cooperate.)
Sammy was the "unplanned" event in out lives. We did not look for, nor want a third dog. However, he turned out to be what we were missing- even though we didn't know it. Our lives would be less messy, chaotic, or loud without him, but also a lot less fun. Sam is the mixed-up-mutt- liquor dog. But he is also the smartest and most gentle one in the house. Sam taught me not all rash decisions are bad ones, and it's good to think with your heart instead of your head sometimes.

Max- I am so thankful for Max because with him I feel like I have a baby or toddler without the complications that go along with it. He is so cuddly and simple. Maxie's not too smart, but he's OK with it. He loves his mama very much. He's taught me what it feels like to be the most important person in the room.

I am thankful for Abby. She taught me how to not only put up with a dog but love them. I didn't like or want a dog until we saw her as a puppy. I grew up loathing dogs and I thought all "dog people" were needy and crazy. She started my collection. She is so sweet. She taught me that no matter what I look like, how I feel, how much weight I've gained, or the mistakes I've made someone will love me.

Ethan- I love him. He is my baby. He is so cuddly and sweet. I asked him the other day what a perfect world would look like and he said "every one in it would be just like you." He is just like me on most days. Happy when he's doing something he likes, cautious and cynical most of the time. He is so smart and loves Noah and his puppies with his whole heart! He's taught me to taker a closer look at my own flaws before wanting to "fix" others.
Noah- I am so thankful for him. He has always been, and still is such a great kid. He's always happy, and sweet, respectful and responsible, smart and thoughtful. He is the most caring kid I've ever met. I love him so much. The minute he was born, I knew my purpose in life was to be a mom. He's made it a wonderful job. He is such a great big brother. He is what I strive to be as a person. Noah taught me what it feels like to love someone with your whole heart. A child really is the meaning of unconditional love.

Things I'm worried about:
Sammy is still limping. He went to the vet on Friday and had an x-ray. The vet said he just sprained his paw or pulled a muscle. He was fine on Saturday. All day Sunday and today he's been limping. I made an appointment for him on Wednesday. It doesn't seem to bother him because he's just as playful- but gimpier.
Ethan worries me. His teacher told me he is a loner. Every day I ask him who he played with and he always "forgets". His teacher said he prefers to work alone, color, write or draw at his desk during free time and swings at recess. I asked him about it and he said, "Well, I like to work alone because the others bring me sown. Like they are silly or make me slow." He shrugged when I asked why he doesn't play with kids at free time. He thinks swinging next to someone is playing with them. Last spring at his "track meet" all of the other kids ignored their parents and ran around with each other while Ethan hung around with his dad and me. I'd tell hi to play with his friends, but he'd always gravitate back to me. Last weekend Scott took Noah and a friend and Ethan and a friend sledding. Ethan only wanted to play with Noah. Didn't do hardly anything with his friend. I asked him why and he said, "Well, I only wanted to go with Noah. YOU wanted me to invite Justin. He doesn't like to sled fast like me." That may be true, but still wouldn't he rather socialize? I don't get it. I asked him if he's ever lonely. He said, "Only when I sleep." He tells me he has lots of friends, but just can't remember their names. He's turned down play dates because it would mean getting out of his jammies. I'm so worried he'll grow up to be a loner and be lonely his whole life. He prefers Noah first, the dogs second, then his dad and I. What will he do when we're not there? Don't get me wrong- I'd LOVE for him to live with his mama forever, but will that make him happy? I want grandchildren and Noah will probably marry some snotty girl who will walk all over him because he's too nice to tell her to stop. She'll probably keep me from seeing those grandchildren. Today as I was going through Ethan's backpack and pondering whether I should be worried about him or not, I saw his latest writing project. He was supposed to write a new ending for Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. He wrote, "The bears broght Goldilocks to the bus station so she could go home. She got on the wrong bus and went to Alaska where some bears malled her. That was because she was notty to the 3 bears. The End" Now I think I have a new thing to worry over about Ethan...
I better go play with him before he breaks out the imaginary friends.

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Julie said...

Lilly was so excited to see Ethan's teeth! Maybe the dogs want to come to the cookie party? Now that would be interesting! You do have two very sweet boys that even like to play with a two year old girl!