Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter Plus Two Days

I had Easter at my house this year. That means, we had the vents cleaned out and the carpets shampooed Friday, cleaned and cooked Saturday, went to church Sunday and continued to cook and entertain Sunday. I need a weekend from my weekend. We also had Noah's birthday party on Easter, which made him declare that, "having your real birthday on Easter would really stink, because you'd have to go to church on your birthday." I told Noah he was actually due on Easter of the year he was born, and his real birthday this year was on Good Friday- the actual day Jesus died. He asked why Easter is at a different time every year. I don't know. Sometimes it's in March, sometimes it's in the beginning of April, sometimes it's at the end. What's with that?
A second thing that is on my mind is opportunities and God. The music teacher from our school is moving to Texas at the end of the year. Her husband got a job that is similar to his job here, but her family is from Texas. She said, "We couldn't decide if we should go or not, but I realized you can't mess with what God wants you to do." How do you know, in that situation what God wants you to do? I realize maybe God gave them the opportunity, but does that mean God gave the teenagers who shot their classmates the opportunity to go to school with guns? I know God wouldn't want them to do that, even though the opportunity was there. How do I know God doesn't want me to buy a new car, or some shoes? The opportunity is there. I truly believe everything happens for a reason, even the bad stuff. I had a miscarriage and a year and a half of infertility before I had Noah, at the time there was no way I could see a reason for it, but now I realize it made me a better mom. I cherish my kids more than I think I would have without the struggle. When I got notice that the school I taught at and loved was closing, and I was not only having to switch schools, but I was going to a school not with another teacher from our school, but to be the ONLY kindergarten teacher. I was to teach at a school that wasn't even in my top 20 choices of where I wanted to be. I had to teach alone in a dark dirty musty basement where I didn't even see other adults unless I went to the office. At the time, I did not, in a million years think that was happening for a reason. However, that job lead to me teaching third grade, which lead to me teaching third grade at Roosevelt where I absolutely love the staff, my teaching partner, my principal and of course third graders. Had I got the school I wanted, I'd still be "stuck" in Kindergarten. I completely believe God answers prayers, it's just sometimes the answer you don't want. But, how can you tell when faced with two options, both very life altering and defining,(should I move or should I stay) which choice The Big Guy wants you to make?

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