Wednesday, April 1, 2009


For the past few days, I have been feeling the same feeling I get the second week in June- also known as second week of summer vacation. Not the relaxed, "this will be the best summer" feeling, but the "My mind is turning to mush, as is my waist, I have nothing interesting to say anymore and I am losing my personality." You may be thinking, "What makes this different than any other day? Your mind IS as mushy as your middle, you never have anything interesting to say and well, your personality sucks." If you are thinking that, all I have to say is "Scott, stop reading my damn blog!!"
But seriously, (I loathe it when my students start a sentence with but. Hee heee) I have nothing somewhat interesting to say. I try to talk on the phone, and it is an awkward experience- if you know me, that is torture. I talked to my brother last night. I haven't talked to him for three weeks, all I had to say was, "Yeah, it was a hell of a flood. The boys went to school two out of twenty-three days (counting weekends). You in Nebraska? Good luck on your first day of work." That's it! I didn't tell him how my love for green beer, potatoes, and the word brogue makes me wonder if we are Irish. Why? I don't know. I feel as if I lost my ability to converse. I talk to my friends on the phone and it's "yeah, OK. I want to leave the house, but do I really have to? Cuz my jammies, nap and TV are here." What is wrong with me?? I hate this! Here is my attempt at semi-interesting conversation, well one sided anyway, because if the computer starts talking back to me, it'd be freaky.
Since I have had 19 out of the last 23 days off, including weekends, and many of those were stuck at home with no where I could go if I wanted to leave, I have become an "Internet shopper". I have a good friend who does most of her shopping on-line. She did all of her Christmas shopping last black Friday in her jammies. I never really understood the draw, other than on-line grocery shopping, which I LOVE! I like to go to the stores, and look for what I want and touch it. True, I get a little ADD with all of the shiny displays and forget what I am shopping for, but it is a great experience. Anyway, my not being able to go to an open store to shop has lead to Internet shopping. I have bought in the last three weeks;
-4 sticker sets for scrap booking
-1 one pair of pants I tried on at GAP, but needed a long, which they didn't have in stock.
-1 Webkinz for Noah's birthday
-1 One "fabulous" pink coach purse for a "steel "of $60.00. It is the size of a pack of gum. They should have really written "actual size" or the measurements. The only thing stolen was my excitement in thinking I got a good deal!
-4 novels
-3 of those novels are to be read to my class, assuming that we will have school for enough consecutive days for them to follow a story's plot.
- More of the "magic kool-aid" that I drink at night "to make the fat melt away."- It sucks that you have to take it for two months to show results. This, like the purse, may too be a rip off.
-12 PAIRS of disposable "doggie booties" to keep my puppies feet clean, dry and mud free if spring comes this year. Why would they sell DOG booties in pairs??
My credit card says I need to go back to school soon.
Thoughts that I think: The other day while eating lunch, Noah, Ethan and I were taking turns saying our favorite thing about each dog. When we got to Sam Ethan says, "he is the best at licking balls." I didn't ask him to elaborate. I am hoping (with skepticism) he is talking about the tennis balls in our house, but if I had to guess...


Debbie said...

You really are in a world of boys. I laughed until I cried.

ssne said...

Actually the other day, Noah said "Abby is the ONLY girl in our house." It was about an hour before someone realized that no, I guess mommy is a girl too.