Friday, April 24, 2009

Miss America

Have you followed the Miss America controversy this week? I just heard about it yesterday. Apparently some homosexual male posted the question about how Miss America feels about same-sex marriage. Miss California said something to the jist of, 'It's not for her, she doesn't personally agree with it, but ultimately it is up to each state to make the decision.' Then, she came in as first runner up. Some people think she would have won had it not been for the question. OK- I ask you this... Why in the twenty-first century do women put up with, or more importantly WANT to be Miss America? Am I the only one who thinks the whole "Miss America" thing is degrating to women? We all know the women aren't judged on their "smarts" or answers to the obligatory questions, or the "talent" portion. It's more like 80% on the swimsuit competition, 2 percent question, 2% talent and 16% on evening gown. They are judged on their looks, body and size of their breasts. The tallest, thinnest and biggest breasted, (often blondest )woman wins. Why do women TODAY think it's OK to be judged on looks? Even Martin Luther King wanted his children to be judged on their character over 40 years ago. Who would have guessed Martin Luther King would be more civilized than the Miss America people 40 years later? Maybe I am just jealous. I am not tall enough, thin enough, big boobed enough, young enough or have perfect enough teeth to be Miss America. However, I would rather be smart, witty and taken seriously than be a dumb, gorgeous airhead that people view as an idiot.

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Anonymous said...

I think that the gay guy that was bashing her and calling her a bitch is the bigger store. When did gays stop standing up for womens rights, or was he just mad that he can not be Miss America?