Sunday, March 29, 2009

Random Thoughts

Being cooped up with the kids for 19 days, well 5 days, has made me go very stir crazy. Though I am very grateful my house is out of danger with both the river and lift stations, I am needing to GO SOMEWHERE. Anywhere. I thought about it, and Noah and Ethan have had school TWO DAYS out of fifteen- and that is assuming they will start school again on the sixth, only to have Friday and the following Monday off. I tell ya, I've said it more than once, those Moorhead kids never go to school. I decided for this week I am going to home school the kids. Not because I am against the public schools, but partly because they need something structured to do or they will kill each other, and because I am hoping my students parents are still making them read and stuff while we have this unplanned vacation, so the kids come back to school having not forgotten everything I taught them the past two Mondays and Tuesdays. I told the kids Noah will have to research and write a report on an animal of his choice, read to me for 20 minutes and discuss his book, the book he chooses is My Dear Dumb Diary- real classic literature,- but hey, at least he is reading. He also has to do math for a half hour. My class is two units ahead of his in math, but I don't care- I am teaching him what I would be teaching my students this week. Ethan is going to work on reading, writing and math. They are excited. Noah told his friend Brennan, and Ethan said it's for the rest of the year! Uh. NO Ethan. I'll keep you updated on how it goes. Maybe I could recruit all the neighborhood kids into my home classroom, so it won't look like my kids were the nerds who had to "learn" during break. I am hoping my students are safe, and having conversations with people other than SpongeBob. And hey! I get to find out if I can teach under the influence of alcohol and it won't get me fired!! I always knew I could teach Kindergarten and third grade in my sleep- now I can prove it.
I think the national dessert should be cheesecake. It can even be New York cheesecake. Apple pie is good, but cheesecake is delicious! I know a lot of people who would drive across town for cheesecake, but not that many people would for apple pie. I think the national dessert became apple pie because there were a lot of apple trees, and no one knew what to do with the excess apples and didn't want them to go to waste, much like what I do in the fall when everyone gives me apples, I make apple crisp. However, if I was given cheese, I would make a mean cheesecake.
I also think we need to rethink the whole "baseball is the national pastime." I, for one do not like baseball. I think by calling it the "national pastime" they are assuming everyone likes it. I really don't, there's much too much down time. I need things to move along quicker, or I lose interest, get board and then testy. Also, I hate watching all sports- except the ones my children play in. Actually, they DO play baseball, but I only like it when they are batting or in the infield. Maybe the national pastime should be "Happy Hour". That is something EVERYBODY loves, you don't have to pay attention, of feel like yelling "Hit the damn ball! Get the show on the road! We don't got all day! What's wrong with you!?" then getting kicked out of the game and told to never return- as if I wanted to anyway!


Lydia said...

I could send my daughter over and it would be like real school. Let me know if you go out- I need out too. Yes, kendall has been reading, she actually finished Me and Marley-the kids version of Marley and Me. Maybe tomorrow we will do some math,although mom isnt very good at it...
I also could go for some cheesecake... I think some of the restaurants are open. Maybe we could go have some... mmmmmmmmmm

ssne said...

Definatly! We should go out!! Can you get out of your driveway/road? I'm not worried about Kendall! :) I am reading the adult version of Marly and Me. Did she like the kid's version?

Lydia said...

she did like it. I would like to read it and watch the movie, but i know it is sad and I dont want to cry. I always cry at animal books/movies.
So far, I have one way out- unless something happens with the dikes, then i will be even more trapped