Friday, March 20, 2009


It is a well known fact I have been boycotting Walmart for the last nine years. Why? You ask? Well, it's a matter of principle. I believe Walmart is anti-education. They donate 0% to education- Target gave 5,000,000.00 last year. I also believe Sam Walmart purposely does not support education because he wants people to not get educated and therefore have less options for income and be forced to shop at a store with falling prices. I am not saying everyone who shops at Walmart is non-educated, because a good friend spends half her paycheck there and she has a very important job and has her masters. Sam's mastermind plot can't get by me. Actually, in all reality it is probably not even true, but I have also been boycotting because the Walmart company does not treat their employees well. One time about a year ago, Stacy took me to Walmart, but it was after a few drinks, so my willpower was not very strong and I ended up filling a cart. Yesterday, Stacy once again took me to Walmart. This time I was stone sober and I couldn't believe the enticing low prices. Again, I filled a cart, this time with groceries as well as "target stuff". Today the boys and I ran errands. Noah is in the process of replacing his lost DS games and wanted to check out the variety at Walmart. Two days in a row I went to Walmart. Today I was mesmerized by the low prices (cards for .44 cents. Can you believe it?) as well as the wide variety of merchandise. I was in a trance. I go to Target at least once a week and I know exactly what they do and do not have in stock at all times. Walmart is like two Targets in one store, but the second Target carries really cheep yet useful items, such as party decorations. Am I decorating for a party? No, yet did that stop me from spending a good 20 minutes looking at all of the party choices? No it did not. Did you know there are several kinds of car fresheners you can choose from? Did you know there is a whole aisle devoted just to laundry soap? I think I may need to change my standards and (gasp) make Walmart my new Target. I might- but I won't be proud of it.
Today Ethan started singing (out of no where) VaGINA... VaGINA... VAGINNNAAAA.... What's with him?
Maybe it's the Walmart affect???


Lydia said...

I know- I used to think the same way, until i saw all the money I saved going to Walmart. Just dont go at night alone...

ssne said...

Thanks for the tip!!