Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Snow Day!

Today is a snow day. It is storming really bad. I can't remember the last time it was as nasty out as it is today.Daylight savings is kicking my butt, so it was nice to sleep in until 8:17!! Which is really 7:17 on REAL time. I think snow days are days that give you permission to do nothing. You shouldn't have to work, clean, cook, etc... Except the kids keep whining that they are hungry and the fridge smells like the science experiment is complete, so it's time to clean it. The puppies like when we have snow days, I know because they told me. My sister is coming home for Noah's birthday and she is getting a puppy here to take back with her!! I would offer her Sam, but he is part of our family now and I can't give him away. She is going to get a puppy like Maxine. I am so excited for her!! One month from today my baby will be nine. Only one more year in the single digits. How can he be growing up so fast? Where did the time go? Noah and Ethan's new entrepreneur idea is to find all of the empty pop cans and peel off the pop tab and put it in a big cup to "sell and get lot of money". Ethan wants money to buy Pokemon cards. Noah says he is going to buy DS games with his half- good luck. I don't think he realizes he'll need about 500 pounds of pop tabs to make $30.00, but it keeps them busy, so I say have at it. If you've ever ridden in my car, you are probably thinking he just has to get the tabs off of the cans in there and he'd have more than enough to buy a game.
Thoughts that I think: If fat is so bad for you, why did God make it so delicious?

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