Saturday, March 14, 2009

Abby Ran Away

Abby ran away once again. Good thing the boys were outside, so Noah went chasing after her. Once again, she did not look both ways before crossing the street- I swear, she'll never learn that rule. Or the "no run away from mama". Anyway, Noah chased her down the block and she decided to check out someones open garage, so Noah snatched her then. Honestly, I am starting to take this whole "run away as fast and as far as I can" personally. Doesn't she like us? Does she want a new family? Do you think she resents us for getting two other dogs? You would think after being caught by the police and having to spend the night in jail, she would learn.I see other people walk their dogs without a leash, and other dogs who don't need to be chained up in the front yard, they just stay with their owner. So far, Maxie is too scared to leave mama's side to run away, and even though Sammy is HUGE, loud noises scare him so he runs and hides behind me when he hears any outside noise. My pet psychic abilities would really come in handy right now. Maybe I should pretend Abby is a client. I'd tell her owner that she is craving more attention, and a longer chain.

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