Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lots of Things

It's been so long since I've blogged, I have lots of things to say. I want an amazing reading machine, pool for the back yard, expensive sandals, and the money to buy it all. I wonder if all of you get sick of people being overly peppy and happy that you know it is fake? Do you, like me, want to punch them in their perky head? Do you get sick of listening to people brag about how wonderful they are at (A, B and C) when you and the rest of the people they are bragging to know they really SUCK at A, B and C? Worse yet- they brag (but really suck- AND are peppy about it). Hopefully am not one of those people because I do have some bragging to do about my kids.
First; I want an amazing reading machine, also known as a kindle. I think they are super cool. However, I will not hold my breath waiting for one for mother's day because Scott believes, "I got a gift for my mom. I don't have to get you one, you're not my mom." Noah and Ethan can't drive to the store and it is a very long walk, so like every year I'll keep my expectations low and hope they made me something in school. Unless their teachers also think "I got my mom something. I barely know your mom..."
Next; I want a backyard pool. I think the boys and I would use it a lot in the summer. Well, of course in the summer, why would we use it in the winter? I wonder though if it'd take up too much room in the backyard.
Third; I bought the Sketcher Shape-Ups. They are the ones they advertise that you will lose weight by just wearing them. I wore them for a month while I sat on the couch and it didn't really work. However, after wearing them for a day I realize I have muscles where I didn't think I had any, so they must work. I like them very much. Sketchers made a Shape -Up sandal. They are really expensive, but I would wear them a lot.
Fourth; I need the money to buy my new obsessions. I wonder how much a kidney goes for?
Next; OMG! Do you get sick of overly perky, FAKE people who are all, "My life is da bomb and everyone LOVES me and I am so perfect! God loves me best- he told me so!! It makes sense because I AM everyones favorite!! Don't you LOVE me too?" I am all for people being happy. I want everyone to be happy, just stop being so fake and get out of my face about it.
Sixth; How can it be that some people really suck at certain things, but they can't resist the urge to brag about how wonderful they are at it. For example; I can't read music or play any instrument. Imagine if EVERY conversation I had with anyone resorted to what an awesome piano player and music composer I am. "Well, hello there Sara. It's a beautiful spring day today. Are you taking your class outside to enjoy the weather?" "Why, yes I am. After I tell them about the wonderful new song I wrote and play it on the piano for them. I am a self taught musician you know. I hear music and then I play it on my piano, only making it awesomer." "That's nice. Did I tell you my cat died?" "That's too bad, do you want me to write a song about him for you? I could play it the funeral. I will give you a discount for my services being you are a friend." GAG ME!!!
Last; OK now I really am going to brag because I am not a sucky parent, so I can brag. Noah got a very high score on his Math MAP (standardized test) yesterday. The teacher told him it's the highest in fourth grade. He also got nominated to be president of the K-Kids club. It's a service learning club. Kids voted him in. I told him he should make people call him Mr. President or President Noah. This morning I was getting ready in the bathroom and he was putting his contacts in and I called him President Noah. He said, "It's so cool that I am the president." I said, "And Ethan can be your no good alcoholic brother..." Then I turned and saw Ethan was standing in the doorway. Hee heee. I will be waiting by the mailbox for my mother of the year award. Ethan has become such a good reader. It amazing how well he can read!! I am so proud of them both!


Debbie said...

A) Who are the overly fake people in your life?

B) If you need a kidney I have a spare one.

Love ya!

Emily said...

I want those shape up sandals!! I am SO jealous!!!

Sara said...

I want the sandals too! I went to Herberger's and the smallest size they have is 9. Maybe they make them in the chidren's department so they'd fit your feet Emily! Heee heeeee :)