Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lunch With Girls

You may remember last year when I had lunch with three giggly girls and I ended up wanting to poke my ears out due to their, "Do you know what? Haa ahaaa- I forgot!!" I swore then and there that would be the end of having lunch with three girls. Well, things change.
I reward good behavior once every two weeks by drawing three names from the "good behavior bucket" and those students have the fabulous opportunity to eat lunch with the Queen- also known as me. Today I drew three girls' names. Usually I get a combo, especially since I have 12 boys and 10 girls. The girls I chose are very sweet girls. The kids go to recess and then lunch. After they came in from recess, they go to the bathroom. I was in the bathroom at the time, but the girls didn't know. These three were talking about how exciting it was to eat lunch with the teacher and who in our class has had a turn. One girl asked, "What's the best thing about third grade?" The second girl answered, "I like when Mrs. Fairfield dresses up on Fridays." I wear jeans on Friday. I think it's hilarious that she thinks I am "dressed up". She always tells me on Fridays, "You look nice today. You must be going to a party after school." While we were eating the third little girl just casually said out out of no where, "I've had a stuffy nose pretty much since the first grade."
All in all, it was a much better dinning experience than last year's.

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