Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Babies Are Growing Up

If you are a parent you understand when you have those days that you look at your children and wonder "Who are you? Where did my little boys go?" Noah is so grown-up. He is so smart and kind, thoughtful and sweet, genuine and beautiful. He loves sports more than life itself and spends much of his time orchastrating time to hang out with his friends. He is growing up so fast. He starts middle school next year. For Mother's day Noah and Ethan wrote letters to me. Noah wrote, "You are a great mom. You've never missed any of my games even if it's cold out because you love me. But I still love you more And you usually say yes to stuff I ask, like facebook." Ethan wrote, "I love you more than I can say in words. You are so nice to me and love me." They both made me want to cry. I am so lucky. Ethan wants to grow up so fast and do the same things as his brother, but he still likes to cuddle and share his blanket with me. He's the first one to crawl in my bed in the morning to ask me something and lay there cuddling. He loves the dogs, well any furry or baby animal for that matter. He really doesn't understand why we can't get a kitten or two along with a guinea pig and hamster. I love them both so much and they are growing up way too fast.
Funny things my students have said lately: "Every day more and more of my hair falls out!!"
We were writing about our dreams for when we grow up: "I dream of being a Kindergarten Music teacher. And my classroom will be in the hallway." I wonder if her 'classroom' in the hall is a by-product of going to an overcrowded school?

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