Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Shopping Adventure

Yesterday I went shopping. I wasted a ton of time just looking at baby clothes- have your baby already Julie so I know if I dare buy newborn or if I need 3 months, I need to know if he'll be over 12 pounds. I also looked at clothes for the boys, clothes for me and sandals. My mission was to buy shorts for the boys. Ethan will only wear shorts that come exactly to his knees and it must have a string to tie at the waist because he is deathly afraid of "losing his pants". He is pickier than a girl. Noah wears whatever I through at him, but not Ethan. He wants his pants too short, and his shorts too long and forget about jeans unless they have a drawstring. His socks have to cover his knees- so actually wearing shorts is kind-of lost on him. His shirts have to cover his hips and have words on them. The shirts can not have any kind of pink or purple anywhere, or a tag. Wow. You'd think, Noah, who's going into middle school would be this picky, but nope. He still tries to wear a dressy shirt with running pants. He's even tried to wear my orange/peach sweatshirt to school until I told him, "That's mine!" Anyway, I found four pairs of shorts for Noah for 20.00 total and couldn't find any that would fit Ethan's qualifications. I went to Scheels and found a pair for Ethan for 30.00! I've never spend that much on "play wear" that they will wear for less than 3 months of the year, but I was desperate. I felt bad for Noah, since I didn't get him "fancy shorts" so I got him some Moorhead Spuds shorts that he hasn't taken off since I got them home yesterday. When I was sandal shopping I saw the ugliest sandals you could imagine. It looked like the sole of a flip-flop with a bunch of elaborate strings attached to it that you are suppose to loop and entwine your foot through to get on. It reminded me of the time my wooden clogs broke in second grade and I tried to use yarn to tie the clogs to my foot so I could still wear them and be "cool". Seriously, who came up with the idea of wooden clogs? "I know what's really comfortable and good for your feet- a wedge of wood! We will put one narrow strip of fake leather up by the toes and that will be how it stays on the foot. We should also put a big metal buckle on that leather so when it's sunny out, and the wearer moves their toes they'll burn them. Oh and let's market it to kids. I'm sure they will be wonderfully safe to run around in. If we make it the blue light special at K-Mart they will be irresistible." I still remember coming home from K-Mart with my wooden shoes all excited and proud, and I still have a scar from being burned by the buckle on my left middle toe to prove it.
My other shopping adventure was to the furniture store. I found the best couch in the WORLD!! It is a sectional. It has two room for seven- I'd be great if I were to find six friends. It has two reclining seats, it has lower back massage, build in lights in the headrest, drop down table, storage counsel, cup holders and get this- A FRIDGE that hold 4 beverages!!! It is AWESOME!! The only thing is if we get it the dogs can't be on it and what's the point of having a pet if you can't let them sit on your lap and pet them? But it is a super cool couch!
Stay tuned for my next post- which I am sure you will be anxiously awaiting- "What is with my PMS?"

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Julie said...

So impatient! Little did you know that I was working on having the baby.