Friday, August 21, 2009

Back to School

I've spent the last three days getting my room ready for my eager new third graders!! I am excited for school to start, yet I feel a tiny bit like, "my nap, books I like to read, soap opera and beer are at home..." Oh well. This summer was short, but I am ready to get back. I have 21 kids so far. That means I will have at least 23 because there are those who don't realize you can't just show up on the first day of school and walk into the first room you see. Or better yet, wait until after Labor Day because they didn't see the big yellow school buses driving around town for the past two weeks. I got the names on the desks and contemplated the never ending, "I hate my desk arrangement in my odd shaped classroom" dilemma. Last year I tried at least twenty different arrangements and I never liked one. I thought at the time it was because I had 24 kids, but 21 desks to be arranged isn't any easier. I know half of my students already, so that's good. I have a student who has the EXACT same name as one of the "regulars" on Little House on the Prairie. I know I won't be able to say his name without thinking of Laura saying it, thus making me laugh. I wonder if Ms. Beadle knows he transferred??
I was invited to a wine tasting party tonight. I can't decide if I want to go. I am not a big wine drinker, and don't like to be a taster because at the last one I was at with colleagues and principal from my last school I ended up saying an enthusiastic, "I LIKE this one! It smells like High School!!" But hey, we got to drink a 125.00 bottle of wine! I am more like a beer/martini/Chuck Norris drinker. I don't really like frozen alcoholic drinks or wine because they both give me instant headaches. Wine also gives me a hangover whether I have half a glass or half the bottle. Both Stacy and I are invited, so I guess we have two hours to decide. I certainly don't want to be hungover tomorrow because MY BABY is playing his FIRST ever TACKLE FOOTBALL game.
The Blue Angels are in town doing a show this weekend. They have been practicing for the past two days. They practice practically on top of my school. Thank God we don't have four levels, because I think one would be gone by now if we did. I don't really understand the purpose. I know the Blue Angels have something to do with the Air Force and doing good, but I don't understand the necessity for the shows. Do they need to synchronize flying when they are doing the Air Force stuff? Do they need to do loop the loop tricks to trick the enemy? If yes, then they should not show the public their tricks! I just think it's; 1) a huge waste of fuel for entertainment 2) a huge risk the pilots are taking for entertainment value and 3) a HUGE disturbance of my peace!! I swear! It is so flippin loud! Even at my house which is across town from where they practice is loud. None of my dogs appreciate the noise either- it makes them all crazy!!
Thoughts that I think: One of my student's mom's occupation is a psychic. That means whatever I need to say conferences will not be a surprise to her. I think I hear two words to spend that time, "FREE READING!!!" Just sayin'....

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Julie said...

But if she is a psychic then she already knows what you're going to say so maybe she won't bother to come to conferences.