Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Day of School!!!

Two days down and 171 to go, but who is counting?? I can already tell I am going to have a better year than last year. Last year's students mostly dismissed everything I said. This year's students don't dismiss everything I say. Many of you, my faithful readers, know the story of my little student who thought his last name was Panda. Well, he is in my classroom again. I am so glad because I absolutely love him. My school is the typical early 1900's three story school. You walk in and there are two sets of stairs. Take the wrong one and you end up on the opposite end of the hall of where you expected to be when you reach the second floor. This is what happened to "Johnny Panda" this morning. He walked to the teacher's room on the opposite end of the hallway. He tried to get past her to go into her room. She asked, "what are you doing? who's your teacher?" Johnny replied, "Short. white hair. ummm" (Please note- THIS IS THE SECOND YEAR HE HAS BEEN IN MY CLASS. You'd think he'd know my name by now). She replied, "Is it Mrs. Fairfield?" Johnny is amazed she knew, "How do you know my teacher??" (Can't be because there are exactly eight teachers on our staff). She tells him my room is down the hall. Johnny looks around and says, "Wow. She must have worked really hard yesterday after school to move her room." He is so funny. I love him. He gets lost so easily (like me), he is so innocent, and has such a kind, simple heart. He got lost once again after school and had to go to the office to be re-united with the bus- the ONLY bus on the block. He must have went down the wrong steps again. Another student told me today that his grandpa "lives in the forest". I really wanted to ask, "Is it in a tree house? Does he have children named Hansel and Gretel? When he walks around do the animals 'talk' to him? Has he met the big bad wolf or granny? How about the three bears?" All in all it was a good two days. I think it's a beginning of a good year!!
Thoughts I think- It is NOT fair that I have to go back to school two full weeks before my own children. But in May I will be done and they will be in school!!

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