Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Survey Says...

A friend posted this on her blog and asked the readers to do the same...

When you were 18....
1) What was your dream job? being a mom and teacher

2) Car? A reliable one

3) Vacation? I had taken my second vacation to Arizona with my family to see my brother.

4) Husband? was NOT thinking like that at 18, but when I was 18 I thought I'd marry a guy named Mike when I was 24.

5) How many children were you going to have? 2-3

6) What was your favorite food? drink? Pizza Hut and Diet Mt. Dew

7) Where did you work at? Eagles Cafe

8) What did you do for fun? Hung out with Friends

9) Favorite movie? Dances with Wolves

10) Favorite color? Pink

11) Were you college bound or college broke? College bound & loved it.

12) Hair color? blond

13) Favorite store? Back then? I will guess Express.

14) Best memory? Back then? Probably living in the Dorms at MSU

15) Current job? Teacher and mother

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