Thursday, August 6, 2009

Walnut Grove

Two blogs in one day? I know- unheard of. I have been working on the boys' scrapbooks and have gotten to the Iowa trip two summers ago. On our way back home from Iowa, I saw on the map that we could easily go through Walnut Grove, so I shouted an enthusiastic, "WE ARE SO GOING THERE!!" Two hours, lots of "minimum maintenance" roads, dead ends, and Lots of corn fields later, we went through a very little town. This town was so little it had five houses, one gas station that doubled as a restaurant/bar, and one yield sign. The gas station was full service. I bet there are not a lot of places with a gas/liquor/food license. As we went by the full service station I saw a man pumping gas for someone. We were looking for a way back to a main road. All of a sudden the man who worked at the gas station was pulling us over in his unmarked, strobing light on the hood car. As he came up to the car, I am thinking, who does that gas station attendant think he is?! He was in his gas station uniform, but claimed to be the police as well. He DID have the strobing light... He asked to see Scott's license but that's all he did with it. He didn't take it to his car or anything. He asked why he pulled us over. I wanted to say, "Strumming up gas business?" We did not know. Apparently Scott drove through the yield sign without yielding. It was true, so he fessed up. The "police man" told him to pay attention, strangers come though that town all of the time blowing off traffic signs, bla, bla, blaa. I told him we were distracted because we are looking for the road to Walnut Grove. He pointed us back through town and told us to go back about three miles. So, Scott (GET THIS) does a U-Turn right in front of him to go back through town. Funny thing, he never came after us. Huhhh. The kids still refer to it as the "Remember when Dad almost got arrested incident."
Thought That I Think: Jesus will always love you. It's everyone else that thinks you're an ass.

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