Tuesday, July 26, 2011

3 Things I Know

I am quite sure of three things...
1) I can not live anywhere other than Fargo/Moorhead. Every time I go on vacation I realize people are generally rude. They cut in line, won't wait their turn, act entitled and generally do not follow the rules. It drives me crazy when people don't follow the rules. That's the teacher in me. It used to be really hard to refrain from correcting other people's children in public, now it's hard not to correct adults' behavior in public.
2) I am not an experienced hiker enough to hike a 2 1/2 mile "difficult" trail up a mountain. All the other people had a stick and I thought it was to fight off ninja snakes, turns out nope. It was to help you walk. I know I was suppose to look at the scenery and wildlife. All I looked at was my foot and the next non-loose rock I could step on (oh and I looked for snakes).
3) McDonald's must sprinkle cocaine on their fries, because I am addicted to them.

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