Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Think I Might Be Going Bald

I hate my hair. It's flat, a weird non-color, limp, fine, thin and wants to all be in front of my face all of the time. I blow dry it AWAY from my face and it still all falls forward toward my face. I feel like that girl from the ring with her hair covering her face. I went to get it cut, told my lady "I hate my hair. Do anything different". I really don't think she even cut it. I think she just played with it. I looked the exact same and she charges me 28.00. I think the crown of my head is losing hair, making me look like a pin head with fluffy sides. I love my dog Abby and I think she is beautiful, but I don't want to look like her.

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Debbie said...

Change hairdresser.